Advanced Statistics

Dear Participants, Please accredit to the Activity video for complete ambience about the "Advance Statistics" problem. The cold of the activity is to use the dataset 'Factor-Hair-Revised.csv' to body an optimum corruption archetypal to adumbrate satisfaction. You are accustomed to  Perform basic abstracts assay on the dataset. Showcase some charts, graphs. Check for outliers and missing ethics (8 marks)  Is there affirmation of multicollinearity ? Showcase your analysis(6 marks)  Perform  simple beeline corruption for the abased capricious with every absolute capricious (6 marks)  Perform PCA/Factor assay by extracting 4 factors. Interpret the achievement and name the Factors (20 marks)  Perform Multiple beeline corruption with chump achievement as abased variables and the four factors as absolute variables. Comment on the Archetypal achievement and validity. Your animadversion should accomplish it allusive for everybody (20 marks)  Please agenda the following: Your acquiescence should be a Word Document or PDF.  You charge accord the sources of abstracts presented. Do not accredit to blogs; Wikipedia etc. Any appointment begin copied/ acquired with alternative group(s) will not be graded and apparent as zero. Please ensure appropriate acquiescence as column borderline appointment will not be accepted.

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