need 2 abounding pages NEED TOMORROW select one of the articles declared in the eco-audit case  study in Chapter   8 of your arbiter (e.g., cups, grocery bags, electric kettle).  Using the abstracts   in the arbiter from the eco-audit, added abstracts from Chapter  15 (as   necessary), and any added assets that you acquisition helpful, adapt a    pollution blockage analysis for the artefact that you accept selected. Base your P2    audit on the accomplish apparent in the Unit III Lesson.  You do not charge to use all of the P2 analysis accomplish apparent in  the Unit III   Lesson, but use at atomic three above accomplish from anniversary appearance (a above  step actuality   Step 5 rather than Step 5.1). Since you will not be application all of the  steps   shown in the Unit Lesson, you may re-number them if you ambition so that your    audit  proceeds sequentially after absence numbers. Your analysis should  include  an  introductory branch answer both the purpose of a P2 analysis  and the  reasons  for including the accomplish that you accept selected.  Your case abstraction charge be at atomic two abounding pages in length.  All sources used,   including the textbook, charge be referenced; paraphrased and  quoted actual   must accept accompanying citations. All references and citations  used charge be in   APA style. The addition should be formatted in branch  form, and the   steps can be formatted as a list. 

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