Advanced Level Evidence-Based Practice Paper

Evidence-Based Convenance Paper

Paper Description

1. Select a commutual analysis and a health-related issue.

2. Research the accepted anatomy of affirmation of commutual therapies accompanying to the bloom affair chosen.

3. Accommodate a description of the bloom affair chosen.

4. Accommodate a description of the commutual analysis chosen.

5. Provide actinic affirmation on how this commutual analysis can be acclimated for the bloom issue.

6. Provide actinic affirmation on why this commutual analysis is the best best for the bloom affair chosen.

7. Application into practice

8. Provide cultural considerations with the commutual analysis chosen.

9. Accommodate a summary.

Your cardboard should abide of the afterward sections (unless contrarily instructed by the journal's requirements) and be a best of 12 pages in length:

1. Introduction: See APA.

2. Description of the bloom topic: Present a description and any abstracts of affair with this bloom topic.

3. Description of the commutual therapy: Provide a description of the commutual analysis chosen.

4. Review of Evidence: Provide a amalgam of affirmation for the bloom affair and commutual therapy. You should accommodate why this is the best commutual analysis to use for the accustomed bloom issue.

5. Application to Nursing Practice: This area should be affiliated to beforehand practice. Be abiding to accommodate the ambit and standards of avant-garde convenance to accommodate appliance to holistic nursing, as able-bodied as accommodating apprenticeship to accommodate advancing outcomes.

6. Cultural considerations: Accommodate any cultural considerations for this called commutual therapy.

7. Summary

8. References: Six to ten references of a variety: interdisciplinary (nursing, medical, naturopathic, anatomic health, accustomed health); evidence-based guidelines; convenance guidelines. If you are in agnosticism apropos the affection of evidence, amuse acquaintance the librarian.

This cardboard counts as 40% of your brand so attach to the brand rubric 

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