Advance Directive Essay – USE HEADERS & IN TEXT REFERENCES

   *Imagine*  You abounding out beforehand charge forms You discussed your wishes with your abutment system In a 4-page paper: · Introduction Reflect on the acquaintance commutual an Advanced      Directive. Consider: What was it like cerebration and talking about the “what if’s,”       “when’s,” and “why’s”? How did you feel back cerebration about and talking with       your admired one about the choices you would accomplish in altered medical       scenarios? How accommodating were others to allocution with you about your       wishes and choices you fabricated in the Advanced Directive? Explain any insights you acquired from this activity that      might advice you as a amusing worker. Describe specific abilities you would use to 1) allocution to      clients about Advanced Directives, 2) abetment audience in commutual an      Advanced Directive, and 3) advice families to administer an Advanced Directive. Explain one ethical affair (e.g.,      medical, social, or accessible health) that is accordant to a medical Advanced      Directive. Explain two abandon of the ethical      issue. Describe the advance of activity you ability booty to abode      the ethical affair as the medical amusing artisan amenable for this      patient, answer the specific allowances your accommodation ability accommodate to      the accommodating and the family. · Conclusion

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