. Please accord 10 altitude to be a acknowledged supervisor.  .Then, baddest and explain the 5 best important altitude from the 10 conditions.  Why the 5 altitude are such   important?  How to amuse the conditions? .Give and explain your own account to actuate and advance Dr. Weaver (Dr. Weaver's basal profiles are apparent below) to accomplish this being added admired for the organization. Accomplish abiding that you will abutment your account by acceptable explanations! Dr. Weaver’s profiles: Senior architect of the Research and Development Dept at an auto company.  Working as an architect at the close for 25 years.  Poor interpersonal abilities while his ability and adventures of auto engineering are superior.  While he does not allocution so much, he can explain things actual well.  He has able pride as an architect with acceptable experiences, knowledge, and education.  He brand to be alleged as Dr. Weaver. His advance befalling is actual bound and he knows that.  While he has no botheration about his assets and binding benefits, he thinks he could acquire more.  He is actual loyal to the company.   

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