Addiction Professionals as Social Justice Advocates

Addiction Professionals as Amusing Amends Advocates For this graded altercation activity, aboriginal complete the Locus of Ascendancy self-evaluation from this Unit 7 Abstraction 1. Using the after-effects from the self-evaluation and this unit's argument and abstraction materials, adapt a column that encompasses the following: Part 1 of the Post Discuss the ambition of amusing amends and how Multicultural Counseling and Therapy is accompanying to amusing amends values. How do the concepts of worldview and locus of ascendancy acquaint competent practice? Based on the self-assessment, what did you apprentice about your locus of control? Part 2 of the Post Refer to the cases presented in your account from the Center for Applied Linguistics: Cultural Orientation Resource Center's "Challenges in Resettlement and Adaptation of Muslim Refugees" (scroll bottomward to folio 19 of the PDF) and baddest one that interests you. Imagine that the caseworker has referred the individual, brace or ancestors to you for services. Based on your readings, analyze and altercate the cultural considerations that would acquaint your assignment with the applicant or clients. As you accede the challenges faced by your applicant or clients, you admit that you accept a albatross to booty on the role of advocate. Propose an Advancement Plan that addresses the following: Describe the addiction professional's role in announcement amusing justice. Analyze the characteristics and apropos of refugees, both nationally and internationally, as they affect to culturally competent counseling practices. For example, what are all-embracing political and amusing issues that an addiction able should seek to accept about Muslim refugees? What civic policies, such as Homeland Security, charge to be considered? Evaluate the historical/current implications apropos immigration, poverty, and welfare. Evaluate the advancement processes that abode institutional racism and amusing barriers that impede access, equity, and success for audience from assorted populations. Address your role as the addiction able in the abridgement of biases, prejudices, and discrimination, whether advised or unintentional. Social amends is a aesthetics or approach that promotes according admission and befalling for all people, by advocating at the micro (individual or family), meso (school or community), and macro (public policy) levels. Recommend a action that you could apply to advance amusing amends at anniversary of those levels.

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