Addiction and Substance Abuse Counseling

  There are 2 genitalia and anniversary allotment needs to accept minimum 450 words.900 words in absolute excluding the questions. Need it in 24 hours please.  1. Begin a account of synonyms for accepting drunk. Next, begin to anticipate of synonyms for a drunk.Write bottomward your responses.What did you apprehension about the account of words? Usually the words about accepting drunk— smashed, bombed, stoned, and so on— assume agitated but exciting. The words associated with a drunk— a bum, a no- good, a lush, and so on— are usually derogatory. What letters do the media accord about alcohol, tobacco, and over- the- adverse drugs? What letters do the media accord about alcoholics and biologic addicts?  2. Read the afterward description of the apocryphal bodies and rank them from 1 to 10 on the base of how acerb you feel about their abrogating characteristics. Cardinal 1 would represent the appearance you feel has the best abrogating characteristics and cardinal 10 would accept the atomic abrogating characteristics. For example, one ability rank a being who advisedly gives a adolescent an angel in which she has hidden razor blades as cardinal 1 and a being who cheats on his diet by accepting a bonbon bar as cardinal 10. 1. · Rita is a mother who uses diet pills, tranquilizers, and booze, but gets agitated back her kids use drugs. 2. · Mrs. Elling, a academy counselor, tells the parents of a apprentice who has confided in her about his captivation with drugs. 3. · Stan is a acceptable provider, but he gets bashed occasionally and beats his wife. 4. · Jackson sells a admixture of Nestlé’s Quik and civil as mescaline for $ 3 a hit. 5. · Mariah obtains a ample accumulation of “reds” ( barbiturates) and passes them about at school. 6. · Mohammed, a 22- year- old man, has been bubbler heavily at a affair and decides to drive his buddies home in his parents’ car. 7. · Police Officer Gaudette knows of a 9th- brand bubbler affair and decides not to investigate because “kids will be kids.” 8. · Lee, a 17- year- old, turns his 12- year- old brother on to drugs. 9. · Eldon consistently argues with his wife and causes ancestors problems because he drinks and cannot authority a job. 10. · Janice is absorbed to heroin and steals in adjustment to abutment her habit. After you accept ranked all the bodies in the list, anticipate about belief you acclimated to adjudge ranking. Discuss the ethics and attitudes that went into the ranking. How could these ethics and attitudes affect your approaching counseling work? Describe how attitudes can affect a counselor‘s alternation with clients.

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