Adapting Internal Policies and Practices

  Overview This Performance Task Assessment is based on a case abstraction set in Brooklyn Presbyterian Hospital, in the Park Slope adjacency of Brooklyn, New York, as the hospital confronts the new affection standards set by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) for Medicare patients. To complete this Assessment, apprehend the book below, and again complete Parts I and II that follow. You will use advice from the scenario, forth with the acknowledging documents, to authenticate your adeptness to acclimate centralized behavior and practices to adjust with changes to healthcare laws and regulations. Part 1: Analyzing HRRP Activity and Evaluating Hospital Performance   Read the Health Affairs Activity Brief on the “Medicare Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program.” Then, assay the certificate “Brooklyn Presbyterian Hospital—Unplanned Readmission Rates,” which presents statistics on the adventitious readmission ante at the hospital and how they analyze to the civic averages. Also, analysis the current, “Acute Inpatient Hospital Admissions Payment Policy” document. Use these assets to advance a address (4–5 pages) to the CEO that completes the following: Describe the key elements of the Medicare Hospital Readmissions Reduction Affairs (HRRP) accustomed in the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Identify two factors at Brooklyn Presbyterian Hospital based on the accepted activity that accord to the accident of declining to accommodated HRRP criteria. Explain how accepted centralized practices and the changes in activity ability absolutely appulse alignment to accepted and approaching healthcare laws. Suggest one afterlight to the accepted activity to advice Brooklyn Presbyterian Hospital accommodated HRRP criteria. Suggest one change in accepted convenance beyond the hospital’s alignment in adjustment to advice Brooklyn Presbyterian Hospital accommodated changes in Medicare reimbursement. Include 2–3 sentences answer the accent of adapting centralized behavior and practices to adjust with changes in healthcare laws and regulations. Describe at atomic three key elements bare in a new affairs to acquire the best agreement beneath HRRP by abbreviation readmission rates. Create bristles goals for Brooklyn Presbyterian Hospital for earning the best agreement by afterward the HRRP criteria. These goals may focus on processes or outcomes. Part 2: Developing an Activity Plan to Maximize Reimbursements and Acclimate to Change  Political burden will aftereffect in changes to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) activity and reimbursements. Advance a 10- to 12-slide presentation, to chief management, proposing strategies for active a plan for earning best agreement beneath HRRP, accurately by alteration the behavior of providers and patients. Your ambition is to defended assets to put your plan into action. In this presentation, explain your approach, your plan for implementation, at atomic two means you will adapt and adviser for change in CMS policy, and your apprenticeship plan for staff. 

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