Activity 5&6

Activity 5 Develop a assignment breakdown anatomy (WBS) for anniversary of your two or three another solutions to your achievement problem. The articulation at the end of this branch leads to the IT Economics WBS reading, which includes an account of how to advance a WBS and illustrations of assignment breakdown structures. The illustrations can serve as a archetypal for your alertness of Activity 5. The account and illustrations should accord you an abstraction of the akin of detail adapted for the WBS appropriate for anniversary of your two another solutions. ******************************************************************************************  Activity 6 Perform a accident assay on anniversary of your two or three best another solutions to your achievement problem.  The account from IT Economics Corp., Accident Assay of Another Solutions, includes a accident assay arrangement forth with bristles ample accident belief and their definitions. Also, there are three examples of the use of the arrangement to certificate a accident analysis. Use this arrangement and the accident belief to conduct and certificate a accident assay for anniversary of your another solutions.  In application this arrangement for this course, you are not accepted to do as absolute a accident identification as would be appropriate in an absolute project. You are expected, though, to analyze the above risks associated with the another solutions for your project. Also, you charge to accept a minimum of two applicable another solutions afterwards you accomplish the accident assay and awning out any too-risky solutions. The two best another solutions are bare in adjustment to use the actual templates. The accident assay can advice you to analyze areas in which accident abate strategies can and should be used.  

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