Activity 3

Activity 3 Instructions

Chapter 10: Allocation of Resources

The American Recession of 2007–2009 has acquired a new accumulation of bodies to become "poor." Abounding bodies absent jobs, homes, and bloom care, and some bodies absent aggregate they had adored in a lifetime on Wall Street. These bodies are actuality alleged the "new poor." In contrast, there were babies built-in to a abundance mom up to 40 years ago, who were aloft on welfare, again had accouchement of their own they aloft on welfare, and now accept grandchildren growing up on welfare. This accumulation of bodies accept consistently accustomed a allowance duke from the government for bloom affliction (Medicaid) and active arrange (low-income apartment or apartment assistance), and abounding accept alike accustomed job training.

As added bodies appeal advice and abetment from the government, assets are acceptable alike scarcer. Who again should be allocated the bound resources? Should those who still accept jobs be accepted to backpack the accountability of those who never worked? Should those who can allow to pay get medical alternative over those who cannot pay? Should funds be channeled to the adolescent and taken abroad from the elderly?

Critically anticipate about some of these issues, others that are presented in the book, or issues that are affecting your community. Write a 2–3 folio article that identifies an affair or several issues. Use Liberty’s online library to chase for accessories to use as your sources of reference.

Your cardboard charge be 2–3 pages, use at atomic 2 peer-reviewed sources, charge be accounting in accepted APA formatting, and absorb a biblical worldview.

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