Activity 1

According to its website, the All-embracing Academy of Geneva is ‘[a] not-for-profit foundation accustomed in 1924 … [It] is, with its 4,300 students, the oldest and better all-embracing academy in the world’ (Fondation de l’Ecole Internationale de Genève, 2011). The academy consists of three campuses alms both primary and accessory bilingual apprenticeship in French and English. The academy has a assorted class alms abilities from both all-embracing and altered civic systems. The abilities accommodate the All-embracing Baccalaureate Diploma (IBDP), The All-embracing Baccalaureate Career-related Certificate (IBCC), the Maturité Suisse, the All-embracing GCSE (IGCSE) and the Diplôme Civic du Brevet (DNB). The academy was the aboriginal to action the All-embracing Baccalaureate in the backward 1960s, and so has a different angle on what all-embracing apprenticeship is. The mission of the academy is ‘to accommodate a characteristic aerial affection all-embracing apprenticeship through which all our acceptance are helped to advance their abilities to the accomplished akin of their potential. We account students’ alone and cultural identities, auspicious them to become absolute learners acquisitive to backpack on acquirements throughout their lives.’ As such, it has authentic the capital attempt of all-embracing apprenticeship as follows: •    Encouraging important all-embracing values •    Supporting the student’s accent development •    Ensuring an all-embracing ambit to the curriculum •    Recognising the accent of all-around issues •    Showing account for, and affiliation with, the host country (Fondation de l’Ecole Internationale de Genève, 2011) Answer the afterward key questions: Have a attending at the class guides of the schools which are accessible beneath the tab that says Acquirements at Ecolint, and again attending at the programmes at: •    What makes the class international? How does the class accord to the schools’ eyes of what all-embracing apprenticeship is? •    One of the attempt of all-embracing apprenticeship is to animate important all-embracing values. What do you anticipate those all-embracing ethics ability be and how are they approved in the class and the abundant activities the academy offers? •    What all-around issues are of absolute accent and can all-embracing schools accord to the resolution of some of these issues? If so, in what ways? •    Have a attending through the website pages of the school. Can you acquisition affirmation of its charge to ‘recognising the accent of all-around issues’? •    What all-around issues are of absolute accent and can all-embracing schools accord to the resolution of some of these issues? If so, in what ways? •    Is it accessible that all-embracing schools absolutely accord in some way to the conception of all-around issues? •    Do you feel that the All-embracing Academy of Geneva is a acceptable archetype of a absolutely all-embracing school? Give a account for your answer.

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