Accounts Management

   Individual Case #1: Banking Analysis  Purpose  This appointment is advised to advice acceptance access the adeptness to aggregate banking advice and interpreting banking statements. Also, acceptance are appropriate to accomplish banking assay and benchmarking, appraise banking performance, and accommodate recommendations to advice the aggregation to improve. Requirements: · Identify two accessible listed companies in North America i.e. RBC vs CIBC  · Retrieve their banking statements (company broker affiliation website or · Accomplish banking assay including vertical, accumbent and arrangement analysis · Appraise banking performance  · Accommodate recommendation Format · The best 10 pages of the anatomy agreeable and absolute pages of the appendix · Single Space  · Citation Style, APA or MLA Individual Case Outline · Title Page · Executive Summary · Table of Content · Introduction o Aggregation Background o Main Competitor Background and Comparability Rational · Banking Assessment o Vertical Analysis o Accumbent Analysis o Banking Arrangement Analysis · Recommendation · Conclusion   · Reference · Appendix 

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