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Part  A. Analyzing Aggregation Investments Disclosures i. What  amount  did  the  company  report  as  the  fair  value  of  available - for - sale  securities?  Trading  securities?  What  level  inputs  were  used  to  determine  these  fair values? ii. How abundant did the aggregation address as an abeyant captivation gain/loss for 2016 for  each chic of bankable security? Where were these amounts reported? iii. Does your aggregation accept bulk adjustment investments? If yes, explain why? iv. What bulk did yo ur aggregation address as disinterestedness adjustment investments for its 2016  fiscal year? Are any assets and liabilities of disinterestedness adjustment investees reflected on  company’s banking statements? Part C. Postretirement Benefit Disclosures Answer  each  of  the  questions  for  (a)  the  company's  pension  benefits  and  (b)  the  company's alternative benefits. i. How  much  are  the  company’s  Pension  Benefits  expense  and  Other  Benefits  expense in 2016? ii. How  much  are the company’s  actual  and  expected  return  on  plan  assets  for  its  Pension Allowances p lans for 2016? iii. How  much  are  the  company’s  Projected  Benefit  obligation  and  accumulated  benefit obligation at December 31, 2016, for its Pension Allowances plans? iv. Is anniversary of  the  company’s Pension Allowances and Alternative Allowances affairs in a net asset  or accountability position at December 31, 2016?

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