accounting questions and balance sheets

Week 1 Discussion To accept abounding acclaim for Week One of the altercation board, you charge column the following: At least one acknowledgment from any affiliate assigned (Chapters 1-3) At least two replies to the posts of alternative students  For abounding acclaim you charge complete a total of THREE cogent posts Keep in apperception that THREE posts is the minimum required, but added captivation on your allotment will access the account you will accept from this class. Chapter 1 Introduction to Accounting and Business Describe the types and forms of businesses, how businesses accomplish money, and business stakeholders. Describe the three business activities of financing, investing, and operating. Define accounting and call its role in business. Describe and allegorize the basal banking statements and how they interrelate. Describe eight accounting concepts basal banking reporting . Chapter 2 Analyzing Transactions Describe the basal elements of a banking accounting advice system. How do you analyze, record, and abridge affairs for a corporation’s aboriginal aeon of operations? How do you adapt banking statements for a corporation’s aboriginal aeon of operations?

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