Accounting Ch16 Ex

Ex 16. 2 (Basic Types of Accomplishment Costs) Into which of the three elements of accomplishment amount would anniversary of the afterward be classified? a. Tubing acclimated in accomplishment bicycles. b. Wages paid by an auto architect to advisers who test-drive completed automobiles. c. Property taxes on machinery. d. Gold banknote acclimated by a adornment manufacturer. e. Wages of assembly-line workers who amalgamation arctic food. f. Salary of bulb superintendent. g. Electricity acclimated in branch operations. h. Salary of the assistant in a branch first-aid station. Ex. 16. 3 (Product Costs and Aeon Costs) Indicate whether anniversary of the afterward should be advised a artefact amount or a aeon cost. If you analyze the account as a artefact cost, additionally indicates whether it is a absolute or an aberrant cost. For example, the acknowledgment to account 0 is “indirect artefact cost. ” Begin with account a. 0. Property taxes on the branch building. a. Amount of auctioning of chancy decay abstracts to a actinic plant. b. Amounts paid by a adaptable home architect to a subcontractor who installs accouterments in anniversary adaptable home. c. Depreciation on sales exhibit fixtures. d. Salaries of aegis guards in an authoritative appointment building. e. Salaries of branch aegis guards. f. Salaries of appointment workers in the acclaim department. g. Depreciation on the raw abstracts warehouse. h. Assets taxes on a assisting accomplishment company. Ex. 16. 5 (Preparing a Agenda of the Amount of Accomplished Appurtenances Manufactured). The accounting annal of NuTronics, Inc., accommodate the afterward advice for the year concluded December 31, 2007. Dec. 31 Jan. 1 Inventory of materials $ 24,000 $ 20,000 Inventory of assignment in process 8000 12000 Inventory of accomplished goods 90000 80000 Direct abstracts used 210000 Direct labor 120000 Selling expenses 170000 General and authoritative expenses 140000 Overhead is assigned to assembly at $192,000. a. Prepare a agenda of the amount of accomplished appurtenances manufactured. (Not all of the abstracts accustomed aloft are acclimated in this schedule). b. Assume that the aggregation articles a distinct artefact and that 20,000 units were completed during the year. What is the boilerplate per-unit amount of accomplishment this product? Ex 16. 9 (Preparing an Assets Account Using the Amount of Accomplished Appurtenances Manufactured). Mayville Company, a sole proprietorship, letters the afterward advice pertaining to its operating activities: Ending Balance Beginning Balance Materials Inventory $ 20,000 $ 40,000 Work in Process Inventory 29000 60000 Finished Appurtenances Inventory 52000 42000 During the year, the aggregation purchased $30,000 of absolute abstracts and incurred $21,000 of absolute activity costs. Total accomplishment aerial for the year amounted to $18,000. Selling and authoritative costs amounted to $60,000, and the company’s anniversary sales amounted to $200,000. a. Prepare Mayville’s agenda of the amount of accomplished appurtenances manufactured. b. Prepare Mayville’s assets account (ignore assets taxes).

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