Accounting and Forecasting Submission

Assignment Details Utilizing the apocryphal aggregation Tag-It Corporation, adapt abutting year’s anticipation with a pro forma assets statement. Actuality is the accepted assets account for Tag-It: Click actuality to download the assets statement. Tag-It’s CEO has predicted a 10% access in absolute acquirement abutting year. Utilizing the allotment of sales method, adapt a anticipation for abutting year in the area provided on the Excel spreadsheet provided. The absolute acquirement numbers over the accomplished 4 years for Tag-It Corporation were as follows:  Values in Millions: 72,618 73,785 69,495 71,879 Determine whether you anticipate Tag-It can hit the ambition of a 10% access in sales abutting year. Submit the Excel spreadsheet provided, adored with your name, which charge accommodate the answers to the 2 questions:  1. An adapted anticipation for abutting year, and 2. the acknowledgment to catechism apropos the ambition sales. The use of 1 bookish sources (e.g., textbook, commodity from the CEC Library) is required. Deliverable Length:  1 Excel spreadsheet which includes answers to all questions

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