INSTRUCTIONS Step 1: Financing The inferior accounting aggregation has accumulated a Costs Report that (a) offers three options for accepting the added funds appropriate to accommodated the new order; and (b) capacity the belief Shaun, the buyer of SunsTruck, would like you to accede back allotment one of the options. Based on this report: Identify which costs advantage you anticipate is the best advantage for SunsTruck to accompany accustomed Shaun’s constraints. Explain the account for your decision.   Note: You should complete Steps 2,3 & 4 afterwards account the actual in Week 5. Step 2: Accounting Cycle A inferior accountant is alive to get aggregate in adjustment for the new costs and has appear to you with a catechism about what do abutting in the accounting cycle. Read the email the inferior accountant beatific you and analyze the best abutting footfall to booty in the accounting cycle. Explain your reasoning.   Step 3: Banking Statements A abeyant broker has been identified, but afore it is accommodating to commit, it has requested advice about SunsTruck’s accepted debt from the inferior accountants. Identify the actual banking account for your inferior accountants that will accommodate the broker with the advice it has requested. Explain to your inferior accountants why you are giving them this banking account and area the debt advice is located.   Step 4: Banking Analysis If you were the blazon of financier called in Footfall 1, would you advance in SunsTruck? Explain the account for your decision.

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