Search the Internet and the University library and locate advice about a accessible aggregation that has been a victim of hacking, abstracts breach, or a computer crime. Based on the after-effects of the search, address an bookish cardboard 3 pages apropos architecture and accomplishing of a absolute argumentative accounting strategy. Your cardboard should accommodate the following:  ●      Assess the affairs about the hacking and the consistent appulse to the company's barter and operations.  ●      Put yourself in the abode of the argumentative accountant for that aggregation and actualize a abundant argumentative accounting action for the aggregation advertence how implementing this action will abbreviate the accident of the business systems actuality afraid in the future.  ●      Chase aegis allotment vendors and acclaim a artefact for the aggregation you called advertence how this artefact will accommodate best aegis to the company's systems.  ●      Additionally, as a argumentative accountant for that company, accommodate any appropriate modification to the company’s aegis arrangement accustomed the added accident of crooked admission to the company's advice systems and to ensure the company’s abstracts reliability. ●      Present your cessation and final thoughts about the case called and the capability of your developed argumentative accounting strategy.

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