Construction, Inc. employs 40 individuals who assignment 8 hours a day and are paid hourly. Anniversary agent earns one day paid ailing leave and one day paid vacation a ages if he or she works full-time in the month. Vacations becoming in one year can be acclimated in the afterward years while ailing leaves can be acclimated as they are earned. The afterward advice pertains to vacation becoming in 2017 and acclimated in 2019.  Vacations Vacations   Vacation earned  Earned in 2018  earned in 2018 and acclimated in 2019  in 2019 400 canicule 300days  420 days The boilerplate pay ante are $15/hour in 2018 and $18/hour in 2019. Instructions: adapt any all-important account entries for 1) Vacations becoming in 2018. 2) Vacations becoming in 2018 but acclimated in 2019. 3) Vacations becoming in 2019     sold 20,000 shares of $1,000 par value, 8%, 10-year agreement bonds on 1/1/2018. The bonds will pay interests on 12/31 of anniversary year. The bazaar absorption amount was 4% as of 1/1/2018.  retired these bonds for $19,500,000 on 1/1/2020. Instructions: adapt any all-important account entries for the followings application the able absorption method. 1) The arising of the bonds. 2) Absorption amount accrued in 2018 and 2019. 3) Retirement of the bonds on 1/1/2020.    The afterward advice pertains to banal affairs of Hawk, Inc. during 2019. On 1/11/2019, Hawk issued 1,000,000 shares of accepted banal for $110/share. Its par is $100/share. On 7/1/2019, Hawk reacquired 150,000 shares of its accepted banal at $96/share. On 7/15/2019, Hawk reacquired 80,000 shares of its accepted banal at $98/share. On 8/1/2019, Hawk awash 90,000 shares of the treasury banal for $101/share. On 11/1/2019, Hawk awash 120,000 shares of the banal reacquired for $90/share. On 12/31/2019, Hawk retired the actual 20,000 shares of the banal reacquired. Instructions: Adapt any all-important account entries for the aloft affairs application the FIFO flow  assumption and  - the amount method - the par amount method

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