Academic Strategies

This is a five-part assignment. You should accept already accessed the appointment in Canvas and completed the antecedent four steps: 1 . Watch the Academic Strategies video. 2. Convenance annotating Plat's Apologue of the Cavern application the concepts accomplished In the video. 3. Watch the video address on the Apologue of the Cavern and convenance demography addendum during the lecture. 4. Booty the convenance quiz In Canvas to see how able-bodied you were able to ahead the questions. The fifth and final allotment of the appointment Is to save and abide this file, forth with a archetype of your annotated apologue and address notes. Note: there are scanner is anniversary of the 1 1 open-access computer labs on campus. Appointment Assess how able your addendum and annotations were. Afore scanning your addendum and annotation, acutely analyze by quiz cardinal area accordant advice is present. For example, if catechism one was answered in your comment marks, put a cardinal one abutting to that allotment in your annotation. Complete the two grids and questions beneath afore extenuative and appointment in Canvas forth with your two alternative scanned files. Quiz Catechism Did you absence the question? Is the acknowledgment to the catechism In your argument comment or address notes? Text Comment Address Addendum Match anniversary allotment of the apologue with the best accessible interpretation. Partly This advice I begin in my notes. I anticipate I Just got abashed about how I had accounting it and how I interpreted it. Based on the lecture, which of the afterward Is NOT accurate of Socrates? No Both Which of the afterward fabulous works was accustomed In address as an archetype of an allegory. No The prisoners chained at the abject of the cavern are like . Yes Again, I anticipate I Just misinterpreted my addendum and what I anticipation was the idea. What does the sun alfresco the cavern represent? No Which of the afterward is not accurate in the Banking Model of Education? Yes I didn't apprehend the "not true" allotment of the catechism and instead answered what I anticipation was true. What is the acceptation of the activity of "naming? " Liberal Arts Education is the activity of acceptable a chargeless being absolved from bookish vices such as apathy, abridgement of curiosity, and ignorance. Application the metaphors and symbols of the cave, why does the university crave acceptance to appoint in the activity of Liberal Arts Education? No Both. Could accept affiliated it bigger to the story. Even the best acceptance generally appointment challenges with their abstraction abilities throughout their academy career. In fact, it is not aberrant for acceptance who becoming As in aerial academy to seek out added abstraction strategies already they acquaintance the array of coursework in college. Analyze a brace of challenges that you may apprehend to appointment with attention to your own abstraction skills, and again altercate the assets accessible and your activity plan to affected those challenges. Challenges Assets Activity Plan Example: Inability to absolutely apply and booty addendum during a continued lecture. US Academic Resource Center online advice and workshops, I. . Advice about alive alert during lectures. Apprehend the advice on the ARC website about alert during lectures. Convenance habits of an able adviser listed on the website. Booty a quick nap afore class, put buzz and laptop away, and convenance apperception during history class. Visit ARC branch if that doesn't work. 1. I am afraid I will be a procrastinator, and not appointment as adamantine as I should on my studying. I can go use the US Academic Resource Center and watch accessible videos. I can additionally action to some of the videos that accept been acclimated on the US 1010 Canvas course. Start authoritative abstraction schedules. I charge to alpha accomplishing my appointment back it is handed out and beginning in my mind. I charge to do appointment back it is aboriginal accessible for me to do it. I can additionally accomplish calendars and plan out my weeks. 2. I will additionally attempt to accumulate up with the blow of the class. I am a apathetic learner, and I am afraid I will abatement behind. I can use the assets my assistant gives me, like Supplemental groups and use the befalling to abstraction with my peers. I charge to alpha activity to Supplemental Instruction Courses and accomplish time to apprentice added back I am not annihilation up. I charge to accomplish abiding I put in added time to abstraction and break bent up. Did you use your comment and addendum while demography the quiz? If so, would you accept done as able-bodied if this was a closed-note quiz? I did use my addendum and annotation, but I anticipate I would accept apparently done Just as able-bodied as I did after them. What did you apprentice while accomplishing this assignment? It is important to do able-bodied on note-taking and annotating. Even if you are not able to use those on a analysis or quiz, you absorb added advice by autograph it bottomward and activity through the actual again afterwards.

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