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 To do this appointment you may accept a attending at the antecedent affidavit ( anniversary 1 through 4) I will attach all the antecedent affidavit so accept a attending at them. I will add my articulation the ability point back you accomplishment it. Basically all what you accept to do is, based on the advice that are in cardboard 1 through 4 you will accommodate them in this assignment. This appointment has 2 parts; a ability point the has a arbitrary and again a chat certificate that has all the details. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS carefully:    * Final Project Rubric: Guidelines for Submission: Your multimedia presentation (10 slides minimum) with audio elements charge be accompanied by 6 to 8 pages of apostle notes.  The addendum should be submitted in a Chat certificate with 12-point Times New Roman font, bifold spacing, and one-inch margins.  The breadth of this presentation (including all audio elements) should be 8 to 12 minutes. Accommodate a minimum of three accordant assets and adduce them according to  MLA style.  Your presentation should be able-bodied organized, accommodate affirmation based solutions and accept consecutive flow. Please see annotations for added absolute definitions at the end of this document. 

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