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Assignment 3: Bookish and Career Goals Before You Begin… To auspiciously complete your assignment, you should accept completed the afterward tasks: From the textbook, Keys to able learning: Study abilities and habits for success, read: Chapter 1: "Habits for success: Reality check" Chapter 4: Setting and extensive goals: Application values, accent management, and teamwork This module, you will address about at atomic one bookish ambition (which is accomplishing a specific degree) and at atomic one career ambition (which is gluttonous a accurate job position or starting your own business). Note: These are two abstracted goals you will be describing. An important aspect of accomplishing your bookish ambition is alive the bookish advising you accept accessible as an Argosy student. For Online students, this agency anecdotic the associates and roles of your Grad Team. For campus-based acceptance application this course, it is acquainted the role of your bookish adviser as able-bodied as the abetment offered through the Apprentice Support Services staff. You abstruse about this important aspect of your bookish success in this module’s lectures. To get started with this assignment, address your ambition statement. In one paragraph, call your bookish goal(s). Then, in addition paragraph, address about your career goal(s). Accomplish sure each paragraph includes answers to the afterward questions: What is/are your goal(s)? What is the source(s) of action for you to achieve each goal? Is the action intrinsic, extrinsic, or both? (See the address about action for definitions of built-in and extrinsic.) How will your attitude against the acquirements action advice or arrest the accomplishment of anniversary goal? Do you charge to accomplish some adjustments? Why or why not? Remember the afterward back autograph your goals: Is your ambition clear? Is it measurable? Is it realistic? After you accept drafted your ambition paragraphs in the last branch of this assignment, you will do the following: For Online Students: Go to the My Contacts area of the Campus Common to locate the associates of your Grad Team. Describe the role of anniversary affiliate of your Grad Team and how that being can advice you accomplish your bookish goal. For Campus-Based Students: Identify the adviser you were assigned back you enrolled. This may be an bookish adviser or a administration armchair depending on your campus. If you do not bethink who your adviser is, acquaintance the Apprentice Services Office or the College of Arts and Sciences (COAS) Chair. Describe any acquaintance you accept had with your adviser and what role s/he will comedy as you advance against your bookish goal.

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