Abstract for women cultures

Students will abide an abstruse or addition for their analysis paper.  The analysis cardboard can be on any affair and appoint with any actual accouterment it satisfies the afterward conditions: It uses at atomic one abstruse abstraction from the course It engages at atomic one archetype of accepted culture It argues a specific position It uses accessory sources to abutment that position and analysis Abstracts and analysis affidavit will be adjourned application the ICE explanation attached.  The abstruse appearance should be no added than 3 pages continued (double spaced) and accommodate a basic bibliography with a minimum of 5 bookish sources (please agenda Wikipedia is not a accurate bookish source). The analysis cardboard should be 10-15 pages in breadth and accommodate a minimum of 10 bookish sources.  When handing the cardboard in, amuse accommodate the commendation architecture on the appellation page.  Students are acceptable to use an accustomed commendation appearance that they are accustomed with. ( The titles of capacity that can abetment the 4 altitude ) 1- Feminisms, the Waves & Critiques 2- Oppression, Intersectionality & White Privilege 3- Hegemony & Accepted Culture 4- Accepted Culture & Technology

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