ABS Dis 2

  Prepare: Before alpha this discussion, apprehend Chapter 8: Career Counseling in your text, collaborate with the Educational Psychology and Career Counseling acquirements altar amid in the larboard aeronautics bar for this week, and analysis any accordant Instructor Guidance.       Reflect: Next, baddest a video from the account provided below, appearance it, and again reflect on its contents.  Exploring career goals with a adolescent African American woman Goal Setting with a Adolescent Divorced Parent Helping a Applicant Define His Career and Life Goals Narrative counseling: A macho academy apprentice renews career affairs (session 2 of 3) Vocational Counseling with a Female Chinese Applicant Studying in the United States  Write: For your antecedent post:  Discuss the video’s agreeable in affiliation to career counseling. Be abiding to accommodate analogue from both the arbiter and your called video in your post. Describe means in which basal characteristics of science are accordant to career counselors. Describe which abstract models of career counseling appeared to be activated by the advisor in the video. Explain your rationale. Identify acceptance trends of activated behavioral science by accouterment examples of the archetypal apparatus of career action presented in the arbiter that you empiric in the video. Explain your rationale. Describe advisor and applicant behaviors you empiric that adumbrated the advisor was alive with the applicant in a culturally able manner. Your antecedent column charge be a minimum of 200 words, and you charge advance at atomic one bookish antecedent (e.g., the advance textbook

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