ABS 300-2.4/2

Career attorneys generally use cerebral assessments to abetment individuals in career planning and goal-setting. There are several accomplish that can be accessible in the career planning process, such as administering a self-assessment, exploring industries/careers, and chargeless factors that are basal (e.g., shift, location, salary, the charge for specific benefits). Prior to alpha appointment on this assignment, you will charge to apprehend the commodity by Barr (2014) and booty two altered types of self-discovery assessment. To begin, analysis VIA Character Strengths Test, O*Net Absorption Profiler, and TypeFocus listed beneath to actuate which one is of absorption to you. Already you accept completed your research, booty one of the appraisal to complete Part I of your Journal. A. VIA Character Strengths Test  Character strengths are beheld as our absolute personality they are our amount capacities for thinking, feeling, and behaving in means that can accompany account to us and others. To booty the VIA Character Strengths assessment: chase the articulation to register.   VIA Character Strengths Test https://www.viacharacter.org/Survey/Account/Register (Links to an alien site.) *Please note, the after-effects are chargeless and amuse do not pay for this assessment. B. O*Net Absorption Profiler The appraisal can advice you apprentice about your interests as it relates to altered career fields. http://www.mynextmove.org/explore/ip (Links to an alien site.) C. TypeFocus This online appraisal is advised to appraise your personality type, interests, and ethics to abetment you in authoritative able decisions about your career goals. TypeFocus additionally provides admired advice about careers that may acceptable be a acceptable fit for you. Based on your results, a Career Casework Specialist will adviser you through the action of anecdotic career goals that fit your interests and personality type. Click actuality to apprentice how to booty the assessment. https://content.bridgepointeducation.com/curriculum/file/5a31c889-448e-438b-ab88-8122cd2ec0e7/1/TypeFocus_Getting_Started.pdf (Links to an alien site.) Journal Appointment Part 1: Booty one of the assessments VIA Character Strengths Test, O*Net Absorption Profiler, or TypeFocus. Provide the afterward advice about the appraisal in Part 1 of your journal: Name of the test Present your basal impressions of the analysis in 1-2 sentences. Journal Appointment Part 2: Locate a free, online self-discovery appraisal (e.g., career, personality, values, preferences) and booty the appraisal to accept your results. It is recommended that you do not booty assessments that crave you to abide an email abode or alternative claimed advice in adjustment to accept your results. Provide the afterward advice about the appraisal in Part 2 of your journal: Name of the test URL area the analysis is located Present your basal impressions of the analysis in 1-2 sentences. Journal Appointment Part 3: Compare and adverse the able appraisal in career casework with the accepted columnist appraisal you begin online. Abode anniversary of the basal altitude affair listed below. Test content Administration format Administration time Item-response format Face validity Homogeneity and heterogeneity Using the analysis you took in Career Casework as the criterion, adjudicator the credible criterion-related authority of the accepted columnist appraisal you located. If you took one or both of the assessments added than once, animadversion on test-retest believability based on your experience. Conclude by critiquing the account of the instruments. This account does not crave you to allotment claimed advice about your brainy bloom or any advice that you account claimed and sensitive. You are not appropriate to allotment your absolute results. Per Standard 7.04 in the Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct, attitude advisers cannot ask acceptance to admit this affectionate of advice for allocation purposes. Your account will be graded based on whether or not you provided a abundant and anxious appraisal of the appraisal instruments and abode anniversary of the items appropriate in the instructions. The Account Assignment:  Must be at atomic 1 single-spaced folio in breadth (not including appellation and advertence pages). Title of paper Student’s name Course name and number Instructor’s name Date submitted Must use at atomic 2 bookish sources, 1 of which charge be an aboriginal peer-reviewed analysis article, in accession to the advance text. Must certificate all sources in APA appearance as categorical in the Ashford Writing Center. Must accommodate a abstracted appellation folio and advertence folio that is formatted according to APA appearance as outlined

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