Abraham The Origin Of Islam And Christianity Religion Essay

Abraham’s adventure is one of the complicated texts in both the Qur’an and the angelic bible (Froese 12). Shosh (526) addendum that its angel is variably presented in the two contexts. While abounding advisers in adoration acquire concentrated on compassionate Abraham’s sons: Ishmael and Isaac (Murray 298) and their roles in the agent of Muslim and Christian communities, Abraham is a actual affecting amount in the agent of both religions (Shosh 527). This article gets out of the way and argues that Abraham is the sole ancestor of the two religions. The altercation will abstract Abraham’s appearance from his sons at the specific case of cede of his son to God (Genesis 22: 1-9 & Q 37:105). Son’s roles in his activity may be mentioned; their characters in agent of the two religions are bush in this essay.

The Qur’an and angelic Bible accord a adverse adventure about this topic. Abraham had two sons: Ishmael and Isaac (Genesis 11-12 & Q 2-3). The bible in Genesis presents Ishmael as son built-in by a slave, Hagar; while Isaac as the accurate son of Abraham (Murray 309). Qur’an presents both as biological sons of Abraham. Which of the two sons did God ask for a cede from Abraham? This is a difficult catechism to acknowledgment at our generation. According to the bible, Isaac was the alone son of Abraham (Genesis 21) who was built-in beneath the ability of God; Ishmael and Isaac were both the sons of Abraham (Q 2). Qur’an stipulates that Ishmael, the aboriginal built-in of Abraham, was the cede God asked from Abraham (Q 37:105) admitting on contrary, the angelic bible states that Isaac, the alone adolescent of Abraham, was the cede God capital from Abraham. Which altercation is appropriate to follow? Anyway it does not amount for this argument. The actuality is Abraham offered to cede his son to God (Fischer 173).

According to Shosh (527), Abraham’s appearance has been beheld in altered perspectives. Abraham is a abstruse appearance in affairs of acceptance and religion; he cannot be disregarded in the abstraction of both Islam and Christianity. In the adventure of cede of his son, Abraham appears the aboriginal and last, both in the bible and Qur’an, to be airish such a difficult assignment by God. As Murray (300) addendum Abraham heeded to this call. From this adventure the article will absolve why Abraham is the ancestor of Islam and Christianity.

Christianity calls for complete accordance to God. Christians should obey all the ten commandments of God. Back Abraham was alleged by God to action the cede of his son, he did not question. He obeyed. Abraham took his son, Isaac, the afterward morning and headed for the abode of cede (Genesis 22:3). Abraham was bent to action the cede of his alone son to God. He is appear as the ancestor of accordance which Christians charge attending up to. On the another hand, Qur’an states that Abraham offered to cede Ishmael to God (O’Kane 500). Ishmael was his beforehand son and absolutely afterpiece to him; in actuality they preached calm in Arabia while Isaac preached in Palestine and Syria. To the admiration of abounding Abraham accepted to the alarm of God to cede him. This was a assurance of abundant obedience. Muslims acquire a alarm to acquire to the rules of Allah as the alone God. Abraham is the alarm of obedience.

Abraham was the aboriginal to acquire in both anatomy and spirit to the one God. He was adjoin the adoration of idols which was accomplished by his antecedents (Q 21:60). He preached acquire in one God (Q 6:76 & Froese 15). Indeed, Abraham believed in God in heaven. Accepting to action his son to God was a assurance of abysmal acquire and assurance in Him. To acquire in God is to acquire actually to His call; heed to His laws. Abraham approved acquire in God which is what adoration is all about. Muslims are accordingly alleged to acquire acerb to Allah as the alone God.

As Fischer (174) argued, God’s alarm to Abraham to accomplish animal cede was an adumbration to both the Christians and Muslims that He is not absorbed in animal sacrifice. Back Abraham had aloof laid his son, Isaac, bottomward to annihilate him the angel of God appeared to him and chock-full him from accomplishing that (Fischer, 176 & Genesis 22:9). This is an adumbration that God is not absorbed in animal sacrifice. Throughout the Christian history animal sacrifices acquire never been advocated for. In the Qur’an ambience it is declared that God warned Abraham not to lay the knife to his son, Ishmael. Islamic adoration does not action animal sacrifices as well. In my own assessment God acclimated Abraham to accelerate a bulletin to the accomplished nations: God does not charge animal sacrifice. He is a assurance of anti-human sacrifice.

Why did God ask for animal cede from Abraham back He never bare it? This is the absorbing catechism we charge to acknowledgment in allegory this story. Fisher (176) thinks that God capital to betrayal the animal attributes through Abraham. Fisher added argues that God accepted Abraham to accompany a arguable altercation in the matter. I do not accede with Fisher. God is the architect of man; He knows his personality. There was no way God could analysis the attributes of man. In my own appearance God capital to use Abraham to acknowledge to the apple the ideal attributes of those who will accede His kingdom. In accustomed sense, afterlife abnormally for one’s adolescent is not as ablaze as Abraham took it. God had aggressive him aboriginal afore putting him into this test. And because Abraham would be acclaimed as the ancestor of adoration all over the apple God fabricated him act the way he did.

In this adventure God capital to analyze that adoration is not contradicting. As Fisher (176) notes, God did not appetite to belie himself by acceptance Abraham to annihilation a son whom He had asked from Him for added than ninety years (Genesis 22). Christianity today should apprentice from the father, Abraham that God laws are bright and do not change. It should be bright that God remained affectionate to Abraham. If God accustomed Abraham to annihilation his son it would be a bucking of a affiance that Abraham would become the ancestor of all nations. On the another hand, God would not let Ishmael be collapsed as a sacrifice; Ishmael had been acceptable Abraham in admonition in Arabia. In this altercation accordingly Abraham laid the foundation of religion; no contradiction. What could acquire happened if Abraham objected to the alarm of God? The adoration today would not acquire the aforementioned meaning. God would acquire expelled Abraham out of His kingdom. This what the adoration today holds: excommunication to the victims of religious contradiction.

God appeared to Abraham back he had about collapsed his son (Genesis 22). In Qur’an’s appearance Abraham had accomplished the eyes and kept His word. God capital to use this adventitious to acquaint the Islamic adoration that there is a eyes in this life. Adhering to the chat of Allah is the alone affair to accompany the eyes into realization; this would be at the end of time. In Biblical view, God provided an another to Abraham to action sacrifice, a lamb. This has a acceptation for the Christian community: God is the band-aid to all the problems. It is in the aforementioned ambience that God beatific Jesus Christ to save the world. Eyes and achievement are the base of these religions.


The adventure of cede by Abraham has been abnormally interpreted by the two texts as beforehand mentioned. In both Islam and Christianity; however, Abraham plays one role-The ancestor of religion. He represents an ideal of angelic abbey and church. His appearance has been put in the religious history to ascertain the way for religion. By demonstrating able acquire and acceptance in God, Abraham appear to the apple that there is one absolute God who should be admirable and obeyed.

Islam emphasizes on one God who should be worshipped: ‘Only Allah Should be worshipped’. Where did they acquire this from? The actual acknowledgment is Abraham. Christians acquire in one God who is the ancestor and almighty. They are absolutely birth of Abraham.

Abraham is accordingly the ancestor of Islam and Christianity.

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