Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Critique

Critique of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012) Tanya Willie ENG 225: Introduction to Blur Prof. Sarah Snook January 24, 2013 Critique of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012) In Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012), the accomplishments that booty abode began with its use of storytelling, acting, cinematography, editing, sound, style, and administering anniversary allotment creating the masterpiece. I will acknowledge how the storytelling is played out, the altered types of actors that is actuality used, how cinematography and editing’s roles booty effect, and how the appearance and administering affect the film. In Abraham Lincoln: vampire Hunter (2012), Abraham struggled with the accident of his mother. As a adolescent boy he fights aback continuing up for a acquaintance who was actuality advised as a bondservant by endlessly him from actuality baffled with a whip. Alien at the time, this man was absolutely not a man, but a vampire. Aback adolescent Abraham’s ancestor intervenes, it creates a ambition on his family. It did not advice aback Abraham’s mother declared “until every man is free, we are all slaves” (Bekmambetov, 2012). The vampire anon afterwards snuck into the Lincoln’s home and asleep Abraham’s mother, which all takes abode while he watched from his attic above. His attack with her accident grew aural him into adolescence area he assuredly began to artifice on killing the man who took his mother from him. During his plotting, while drowning his sorrows in a bar, Abraham meets a man. This man eventually saves him aback he attempts to annihilate Barts, the vampire that asleep his mother. Henry Sturges agrees to advise Abraham to destroy, not kill, vampires as continued as Abraham commits to adequate a abounding time vampire hunter and let go of his vengeance. Henry tells Abraham that you cannot annihilate that which is not dead, you charge abort them (Bekmambetov, 2012). Along Abraham’s adventure he destroys abounding vampires with his ax coated with argent on the blade, yet not accepting the advantage to coursing the capital vampire he desires. In time he finds the adulation of a woman, Mary Todd, and his abode as a political leader. All this is absolute abundant to the agitation of his mentor, Henry, actuality it is adjoin the cipher of a vampire hunter who is accursed to alive a activity with no friends, family, or career. These things became arresting afterwards Abraham begin out that Henry was a vampire himself. In Abraham’s backroom he uses the words of his mother to adviser him with his ambitions. The adventure is about how a boy becomes a man afterwards the abstruse afterlife of his mother, and how her words, “until every man is free, we are all slaves” lingered in his apperception transforming him into a man (Bekmambetov, 2012). The irony of the afterlife of his mother is that he could save his friend, but could not save his mother, abrogation Abraham to attack with the adverse acrimony he independent from her actuality taken abroad so anon in his life. It takes nine years for him to apprehend his acrimony was all due to him activity that he bootless to save her. Additionally he is ironically accomplished to abort vampires by Henry who he afterwards learns is additionally a vampire. This blur acclimated a array of actors in adjustment to actualize this adept accumulating of scenes. Not alone did they allege the script, but had to become the appearance so the admirers would accept what they saw. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012) starred Benjamin Walker as Abraham Lincoln, an amateur amateur assuming a abstruse vampire hunter who afterwards becomes the President of the United States. Dominic Cooper was the agrarian agenda actor, starring as Henry Sturges, Abraham’s coach and a vampire himself. Mary Elizabeth Winstead starred as Mary Todd Lincoln, Abraham’s wife. Anthony Mackie starring as Will Johnson was his close, adolescence friend. Rufus Sewell starred as Adam, the ancestor of all the American vampires. Last of all Marton Csokas starred as the one who started it all Jack Barts, the vampire who asleep Abraham’s mother. Anthony, Mary, Rufus, and Marton were in the accomplishments artlessly appearance actors acclimated as accessory roles set abreast from Benjamin Walker who played the arch role, impersonating a acclaimed celebrated amount authoritative him an amateur amateur (Goodykoontz, & Jacobs, 2011, Sec. 3. 4; para. 1). Dominic was additionally a arch actor. Dominic is a agrarian agenda as he had to comedy a man one moment and a vampire the next. The actors helped to aback the story’s acceptation by application the estimation of their characters. I acquisition the best difficult roles to comedy as Will Johnson and Abraham Lincoln. Anthony has to comedy a boy angry to prove he was built-in free, but afterwards the continued activity African American’s had to activity for abandon I am not abiding I could do as adequate a job as he did. Benjamin Walker has the difficult assignment of authoritative the admirers see him as a able-bodied apperceive absolute figure. Anniversary amateur pulled through and assertive me that they were their character, not aloof arena the role. Cinematography takes the actors, putting them in specific pictures to accomplish how the blur looks application altered lighting, camera angles, blush types, ambit and framing to accompany things calm creating a specific attending and feel. Caleb Deschanel begins the blur with a avant-garde attack of a chargeless nation, present time in Lincoln’s time as President, in Washington, D. C. The attack was ablaze and ablaze aloof how Caleb capital the admirers to see it. This ablaze arena is assuming the chargeless nation, arrive afterwards a continued attack of aphotic times. Gradually the arena takes us aback to the accomplished as Lincoln begins address him life. His adventure begins with a aphotic and black time apparent by the cinematographer’s use of low-level lighting. The cast of the blur changes from dejection to yellows depending on the affection of the scene. The dejected tints were for a sad and black time while the chicken cast was meant for an awesome feeling. Caleb uses altered camera angles throughout the film. “ Aback the camera looks bottomward on a character, we may be advised to appearance that appearance as “below” us or inferior to addition appearance in the film, in a abject position, or artlessly from an cold distance” (Goodykoontz, & Jacobs, 2011, sec. . 6; para. 2). One archetype is aback Abraham is attractive bottomward at Barts afterwards his aboriginal attack to annihilate him. At times we are able to see what the appearance sees; this suggests the use of a abstract camera. The camera changes from assuming the accomplished scene, to close-ups, the examination things through Abraham’s eyes. All these things are put into motion by Caleb Deschanel, the cinematographer, who pictures the blur arena by scene, cut by cut, and anatomy by anatomy in adjustment to enhance how we, the viewers, feel about what we accept seen. In this blur it is mostly fear, anger, and achievement that are actuality felt! The editor arranges the shots and scenes into acts, and uses altered transitions to put them together. William Hay, the editor, chose anniversary shot, putting them into adjustment to accomplish the alien editing. Even as this adventure begins with a present day time for Abraham Lincoln, he is address it from his account venturing into his past, putting the blur in a non-linear order. Absolute cuts are acclimated in this blur to accompany shots aural a scene. This blazon of cut is the simplest and generally taken for granted. If I were not in Introduction to blur acquirements about these capacity I would accept never noticed this happening. According to amount 5. 1 Alteration Transitions of out text, a absolute cut is aback “one attack anon replaces addition on the screen” (Goodykoontz, & Jacobs, 2011, Sec. 5. 3; fig. 5. 1). William uses distinct frames with absolute cuts abutting them to authorize a added acute arena for activity shots. This gives them the befalling to use altered camera angles to activate the viewer, authoritative the arena one that makes your affection race. Alternative shots are best in adjustment to actualize a connected feel. Editing is acclimated to betoken a activity is demography place. In the scene, in the aphotic this is acclimated aback you apprehend a huge activity demography abode but see alone darkness, but aback the ablaze comes aback on Abraham and Henry are baffled and blood-soaked implying an accident took abode that had not absolutely happened. The arena is added by the complete furnishings creating a stronger faculty that it is absolutely demography place. The address in which William edits this blur helps to actualize a acceptance in the accomplishments demography place. Films in the year 2012 are abased on the sounds so we can accept what is happening. In Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012) dialogue, complete effects, and music comedy an important role in the film. Throughout this blur I begin according amounts of dialogue, complete effects, and music acclimation things so analogously that after any allotment the blur would not be as successful. Best of the chat is of Abraham address the contest in his journal, but as this takes abode it additionally shows absolute conversations amid the characters. This helps accumulate the audience’s absorption by befitting it interesting. Complete furnishings are acclimated to accent the battles demography abode as able-bodied as animate added than faculty to be acclimated while watching the film. For example, I not alone saw Abraham’s ax swinging, but I could apprehend the agitate complete as it flew through the air. Music done by Henry Jackman additionally plays its allotment by invoking an affecting acknowledgment aback it speeds up in activity scenes and slows bottomward to actualize a added aberrant mood. After the sounds of the dialogue, complete effects, and music aural this blur it would lose the absorption of the admirers quickly. Timur Bekmambetov is the director/ ambassador for this blur and generally works with activity films. He has a history of alive with war scenes as able-bodied as fantasy. He makes his appearance of this blur axiomatic through his work. His view, in my opinion, is that the blur is about Abraham Lincoln accepting a abstruse character as actuality a vampire hunter with the basal acceptation actuality about his activity for freedom. Timur shows how adolescent Abraham fights for adolescent Will’s freedom, his own abandon from acrimony and grief, abandon from the abhorrence of vampires, and abandon for a nation of slavery. He does this by the abounding battles Abraham physically fights. It begins aback he fights to advice his friend, adolescent Will, from actuality exhausted with a whip, affective on to his activity aural himself in commendations to him acceptance his mother to die, and centralized battle. It again shows his activity for adaptation on to his activity for absolution the nation from vampires. Last of all Abraham fights for the abandon of the slaves, continuing able by the words of his mother, “until every man is free, we are all slaves” (Bekmambetov, 2012). Timur is able to actualize these battles with his acquaintance in films ambidextrous with activity and fantasy. Tim Bekmambetov is accomplished in absolute his point of appearance aural the film, authoritative it accustomed to the audience. This action, fantasy, abhorrence blur sends the eyewitness ambagious aback into the accomplished to a time aback bullwork was acceptable. I acquainted that aback the administrator and producers, Timur Bekmambetov, Tim Burton, and Jim Lemley did such a abundant job ambience the arena that I could accept this was a accurate absoluteness for Abraham Lincoln. It touches the arguable capacity of bullwork and war beyond with the acceptance in the supernatural. The blur has such a astute feel to hit, I acquisition myself abnormally apprehensive if Abraham absolutely fought adjoin vampires, authoritative me wonder, in a apple abounding of the unknown, if vampires could accept been allotment of this absoluteness in the past. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012) is classified as a abhorrence blur with the subgenres actuality in History and Vampire. It gave a blood-tingling acquaintance with the activity scenes area vampires are actuality fought to accumulate them from demography over. It is a abhorrence blur due to the abhorrence that vampires create. History is a subgenre because the blur reflects a time that absolutely occurred in the pant, and the alternative subgenre is Vampire for accessible reasons. The blur had my absorption as anon as I saw the chat “Vampire”; others may accept focused on the history. It is funny that the blur was added afflicted by association than it was on society. The agitated address acclimated in the killings and the abridgement of censoring the scenes appearance how our association has avant-garde from the accomplished aback these scenes were alone larboard up to the viewer’s imagination. Presently I pay no absorption to this; but earlier admirers like my parents say it would never be accustomed in the past. So far I begin that the storytelling was ablaze and exciting, the acting was precise, and Caleb’s cinematography was on point. The alteration by William and his absolute cut transitions gave way to an agitative blur set abreast alone by the sounds of dialogue, complete effects, and music by Henry Jackman. Overall the appearance and administering accustomed for a blur that was impacted added by association than it was on society. All these things came calm to actualize a blur abounding of action, fantasy and horror. References Bekmambetov, T. (Director/Producer). (2012). Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. [Motion Picture]. United States: 20th Century Fox. Goodykoontz, B. , & Jacobs, C. P. (2011). Film: From Watching to Seeing. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc. Retrieved from https://content. ashford. edu/AUENG225. 11. 2

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