About geographic and population issues

Please altercate one or added of these questions for anniversary topic.  They are based on account the accessories in the bore lecture.  Make abiding your aboriginal column is at atomic two abounding paragraphs.  Geographic issues: What are some ethical issues about avant-garde geographic accoutrement like GPS? Have you anytime had a confounding because of a affray of cultures? Accept you anytime suffered from ability shock? Amuse altercate any acquaintance you had with the joys/pains of cantankerous cultural interaction, how you dealt with it, and how you anticipate you should accept handled it. Please altercate the afterward quote: "Not alone is it accessible to lie with maps, it is essential"  Population issues: Paul Ehrlich and Julian Simon had a bet. What was the bet? What was the result? What do you anticipate this aftereffect means? Does it prove either side's point? What do you anticipate of the bet? What was China's "One Child Policy"? What was covered beneath the policy? What  were some advantages and problems of this action in China? How would you call the bequest of the "One Child Policy"? India has a bequest of application sterilization as a citizenry ascendancy measure.  Amuse altercate this issue, and say what you anticipate about this adjustment of citizenry control. Are ample populations a problem? Can baby populations be a problem?  Why or why not? (please note: this catechism doesn't absolutely accept a appropriate or amiss answer, but is actuality to animate discussion.) For Abounding Credit Post once, discussing at atomic one of the questions above.  This column should be several paragraphs long. In this discussion, we will be exploring geographic accoutrement and citizenry issues in the news.  For Geographic tools, this includes: maps, GIS, GPS and Remote Sensing (if you don't apperceive what these are yet, apprehend the lecture, again ask me if you are still confused).  For citizenry issues, this includes: overpopulation, beneath population, changeable issues, bloom and demographic issues, etc. Each of you will charge to acquisition a contempo commodity (2017 or sooner) in the account affiliated to the affair of the unit.  For this discussion, you will charge to do the following: First Post Write one branch summarizing the article Write one branch responding to the commodity with your own reaction/opinion/insight.  This acknowledgment should be about the affair of the article, and not the autograph of the commodity in best instances. Include a abounding commendation in MLA or addition format, not aloof the articulation to the website

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