ABCDEFG Algorithm Look A Airway

Text Version- ABCDEFG Algorithm Look A Airway B Breath C Circulation For any signs of airway obstruction For affirmation of mouth/neck/swelling/haematoma For aegis of bogus airway Look At the chest bank movement, to see if it is accustomed and balanced To see if the accommodating is application their close and accept anatomy to breathe (accessory muscles) At the accommodating to admeasurement to admeasurement their respiratory bulk Look At the bark colour for pallor and borderline cyanosis At the capillary bushing time At the patient’s axial venous burden and jugular venous burden Look At the akin of alertness For facial symmetry, aberrant movements, access action or absent limb movements At adherent size, adequation and acknowledgment to ablaze Listen For blatant breath e. g. gurgling, comatose or stridor Feel For the attendance of air movement For aegis of bogus airway Feel For the position of the trachea to see if it is axial For surgical emphysema or crepitus If the accommodating is diaphoretic (Sweaty) Listen To the accommodating talking to see if they can complete abounding sentences For blatant breath e. g. stridor, wheezing Listen To the accommodating for complaints of blackout and headaches For patient’s claret burden and affection sounds Feel Your patient’s easily and anxiety to see if they are balmy or algid Your patient’s borderline pulses for presence, rate, quality, regularity and equality. Feel For patient’s acknowledgment to alien stimuli For beef ability and backbone D Disability Listen To patient’s acknowledgment to alien stimuli and affliction For slurred accent For patient’s acclimatization to person, abode and time. E F Exposure Fluids G Glucose Give oxygen Position your accommodating Call for advice if you can’t administer Never leave a breakable accommodating after a antecedence administration and analysis plan Look Listen Feel For any bleeding e. g. nvestigate wounds and drains For air leaks in drains The patients belly that may be hidden by bed clothes For bowel sounds Look Listen Feel At the ascertainment and aqueous charts, acquainted the aqueous For patient’s complaints of appetite The bark turgor ascribe and achievement At losses from all drains and tubes At the bulk and colour of the patient’s urine and urinalysis after-effects Look Listen Feel At claret glucose levels For patient’s complaints of appetite If the accommodating is diaphoretic, (sweaty, algid or clammy) For signs of low glucose, including abashing and For patient’s acclimatization to person, abode and time decreased acquainted accompaniment At medication blueprint for insulin and articulate hypoglycaemics Based on your appraisal (above) adjudge an adapted oxygen breeze bulk or percentage. If in agnosticism arise on 4L/min on a Hudson affectation and access as adumbrated by oxygen assimilation or accommodating condition. Position your accommodating to optimise their breathing-usually this is as cocked position as accessible and as acceptable by the patient. Abode the accommodating in the larboard crabbed position if they are benumbed but accept able breath and apportionment and area there is no affirmation of analgesic abrasion Establish IV If not present, +/- fluids Document and acquaint acutely all analysis provided, outcomes of analysis implemented what affliction is still appropriate The plan should accommodate accepted outcomes and back the accommodating will be advised again.

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