Aaron Beam and the HealthSouth Fraud

In agreement of Kohlberg’s angle on moral development, Aaron Beam would be at Level Two Conventional Stage Three. Interpersonal Concordance Orientation. Aaron Beam knew that his accomplishments were absolutely amiss and he could no best backpack on, therefore, he retired and paid a amount for his amiss actions. He now lives off of what he works for. In agreement of Kohlberg’s angle on moral development, Richard Scrushy would be at the Level One: Pre-conventional Stage One: Punishment and Obedience Orientation. Scrushy in his own egocentric affidavit and believed that he did no amiss in accomplishing what he did aural his company. Scrushy additionally paid his ante and went to prison. Aaron Beam was about amenable for agreeable in “aggressive accounting” methods he acclimated because from the actual alpha back Scrushy told Beam to affected their banking reports, Beam knew that it was wrong, yet he connected to do it. Beam afterwards on went adjoin his behavior and connected to accomplish artifice until he assuredly retired. Aaron Beam’s albatross was not mitigated in anyway. Alike admitting Beam was “convinced” by Scrushy and his own thoughts, he was still amenable for his own accomplishments of “aggressive accounting”. Aaron Beam was not about amenable for alteration the dispensary letters to access the company’s earnings. His albatross was mitigated due to the actuality that he as able-bodied as others was included in advertisement apocryphal records. The bodies whom were cooperated in his accomplishments are about amenable for their actions. Their responsibilities were additionally mitigated because they all knew that they were committing counterfeit and connected to do so alike afterwards Beam has retired. Richard Scrushy was about amenable for accounting artifice because alike admitting he did not assignment beneath the banking department, he knew what the after-effects in the frauds would be. He assertive Beam to so anyways.

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