Before answering this altercation question, conduct as abundant analysis as you can on a accompaniment of your best and how abundant Homeland Security spending is done by that state. Begin your antecedent column by anecdotic the accompaniment that you accept selected. Discuss area your accompaniment had focused the majority of their spending of Homeland Security Funds as of the date of this address and any issues aloft on this armpit about your state. Critique the authority of any issues aloft on the armpit about your state. In your acknowledgment post, amuse baddest a acquaintance that has critiqued a altered state. In your response, analyze the focus of your state’s spending with the alternative student’s state. You should additionally appraise the authority of the issues accent for the alternative student’s accompaniment in your response. Peer responses are to be no beneath than 150 words, will be arduous in attributes (meaning no alone an agreement). Remember, you should conduct analysis (scholarly, peer-reviewed and authoritative) to advice abutment your thoughts and claims. REPLY TO MY CLASSMATE RESPONSE TO THE ABOVE QUESTIONS AND EXPLAIN WHY YOU AGREE? (A MINIMUM OF 150 WORDS or MORE)                                                       CLASSMATE’S POST In my accompaniment of Mississippi, Homeland Security has spent absolutely a bit of money against the Assignment Force groups throughout the state. They accept beefed up the specialized capacity like abrupt baptize and bedfast space. Swift-water has been one of the areas that accept been alone for several years. They now accept spent money on accepting added baby boats for accomplishment operations in areas that bare it the most. There accept been additionally grants for accepting bodies certified in those areas as well. Best of the classes are chargeless to appear but your administration would still accept to accord you the time off to attend. So money is still actuality spent by the administration for you to appear for your aliment and travel.            I was attractive to see what the Accompaniment itself has spent or what was proposed, but I was not able to acquisition out absolutely a dollar bulk would accept been. The alone affair that was assuming was the absolute projected bulk as a accomplished at the federal levels.  Also, Homeland Security has spent several bags of dollars on a bombinate affairs to advice abetment with assessments in altered areas throughout the state. This is one ability that bare to be done. Best of anybody who is aerial a bombinate was appropriate to get their FAA Part 107 license. Homeland Security has spent money with accepting bigger accessories to do some of the accident assessments with the advice from the Accompaniment EMA office. They accept been activity about to the altered counties accepting bodies certified and accomplished on accepting a bigger abstraction of what’s appropriate to aggregate letters from calamity or from above incidents that would appear aural the state.              Most bodies apparently do not apprehend what is all complex from DHS and how some of the allotment is set. They may apprehend about a assertive assignment force accumulation accepting deployed to advice abetment with a blow or a tornado in altered states. The aftermost brace of times, it has been about calamity from the rains and the snow melting from up arctic with is affective south. 

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