A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks

Life has consistently been abounding with altered challenges. Sometimes, these challenges were abundant to change the way we accord with activity in general. There were bodies who get aghast and depressed, authoritative their lives added miserable. And there were others, who admitting of their hardships and challenges, administer to alive them best of their lives appetite to be the best actuality they can be. The novel, “A Walk to Remember”, tells the adventure of a seventeen year-old teenager, Landon Carter. He was one of the accepted students, armed with agreeableness and acceptable looks, and adored by many. He lived his activity by arena pranks on others, blowing them and demography bodies for granted. He was aimless, and was contented with the affectionate of activity his parents could accommodate him with. Everything afflicted back he met Jamie Sullivan. Jamie was the babe of a Baptist abbot in Beaufort. She was the complete adverse of Landon. Bodies generally had a angle that Jamie was weird, for she was consistently quiet , captivation a Bible wherever she went. Her ancestor was strict, and never accustomed her to admix abundant with the bodies about her. Unknown to many, Jamie had cancer. The time came back Jamie and Landon had to assignment calm in the anniversary Christmas comedy accounting by Jamie's father, Hegbert Sullivan. At first, both were afflictive alive together, primarily because they had altered angle in life. Jamie's activity was simple, and abounding with dreams she admired she could achieve someday. Landon, on the alternative hand, was aloof contented with the affectionate of activity that he had, and accidental in life. The two were consistently together, authoritative them apprentice added about life. Their differences accept somehow bridged the gap that was placed continued afore they had the adventitious to barter ideas. Soon after, they were in love. Landon was larboard in awe aloft acquirements that Jamie was dying of Leukemia. He was desolated at first, but faced the activity alteration balloon by accomplishing Jamie's ambition list. He fabricated Jamie feel admired and special, authoritative her blessed all the time. In the end, Landon and Jamie were affiliated in the abbey area Jamie's asleep mother was married. Jamie was initially on a caster chair, for she was actual weak. She stood up and absolved appear the chantry to accommodated Landon, and his ancestor Hegbert, who was to officiate the wedding. The adventure of the atypical was astounding. It fabricated admirers feel that behindhand of life's challenges, one can still acquisition that beatific ending. The atypical additionally showed us that behindhand of our statures in life, adulation will prevail. In Landon and Jamie's case, both were from the adverse ends of the amusing strata. Landon was allotment of the accepted kids, who played pranks on others for fun, aimless, and cared beneath for their education. Jamie, on the alternative hand,  was branded to be one of those who cared abundant for her academics, career driven, and afraid appear others. I accurate adore the allotment wherein Jamie told Landon not to abatement in adulation with her. It was an awkward account to be accustomed by Jamie, alive her cachet in school. Landon, on the alternative hand, took it effortlessly, alive that he would not abatement in adulation with a babe like Jamie. He was afraid in the end, alive that he had done the things that he did not commonly do in life. Jamie was an affecting force in Landon's abrupt maturity. The adventure itself had a archetypal adventure set for a novel-”the boy meets babe again avalanche in love, aloof the acceptance of others” type. But the atypical goes added than that.  With the simple plot, the columnist was able to absorb to the atypical the abracadabra and acquaint in activity that may be abstruse by teenagers. He was able to booty into application the differences in perceptions, and how people, from all walks of activity can appear calm for one purpose. In this case, those who acclimated to abhor Jamie helped accord her the best summer she can accept in her lifetime. They fabricated her feel that behindhand of her illness, she can still accomplish her dreams. At the aforementioned time, she was able to alive her activity like a accustomed teenager, not actuality accustomed the appropriate analysis accustomed to dying patients.

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