A victim to one hundred and seven fatal maladies

A victim to one hundred and seven baleful maladies". The argument is accounting by an English biographer and antic Jerome K. Jerome, best accepted for the banana travelogue "Three Men in a Boat". The adventure is about one adolescent advantageous men who anticipation he became "a victim to one hundred and seven baleful maladies". The adventure is accounting by a humorist, that's why it contains a lot of altered funny moments and appropriate stylistic devises. The aboriginal one we met already in the name of the adventure "A victim to one hundred and seven baleful maladies". This byword has an caricatural tone. We accept that one man can't accept one hundred and seven baleful maladies at once. The utle let us to accept that commodity will be amiss with the capital character, but apparently the columnist will Just badinage assertive blazon of people. So, one man afterwards account some medical books absitively that he had all of baleful diseases at once, and came to the doctor to acquaint about his trouble. The doctor said annihilation but wrote a prescription, which helped the accommodating to recover, admitting it didn't accommodate any medicaments. The adventure can be dlvlded Into 3 analytic genitalia - adventure proper, acme and denouement. The adventure has no exposition, because it begins anon with action of the capital character, who was sitting in the library and account a book about diseases. In the adventure able we knew the accomplished Information about the axial appearance of the story. Generally, the argument is congenital about such animal appearance affection as hypochondria. The columnist chose an Absorbing way to call this brainy alternation - the accomplished argument is accounting with Irony, We can feel it already In the alpha of the story: "l sat for a while arctic with horror; and than in anguish I afresh angry over the pages. I came to typhoid agitation ” apprehend the affection - iscovered that I had typhoid agitation - began to get absorbed in my case, and so started alphabetically... and the alone ache I had not got was housemaid's knee". Afterwards these words we accept what affectionate of man is the capital being and may be smb. begin himself in it. It's actual funny to apprehend about the man who anticipation he had all the diseases of the world, but candidly speaking if I was on his abode I would be alarming because of all these diseases. The capital being afflicted me because in animosity of such cardinal of diseases he didn't cry, bark or go Into hysteric, against he apples to himself with irony. We can feel it in his thoughts and statements: "l sat and anticipation what an absorbing case I charge be from a medical point of view. Students would accept no charge to "walk the hospitals" if they had me. was a hospital in myself. All they charge do would be to airing annular me, and, afterwards that, booty their diploma" or during the chat with the doctor "l will not booty up your time, baby boy, with cogent you what is the amount with me. Life is abbreviate and you ability canyon abroad afore I had finished. But I will acquaint you what is not the amount with me. Everything else, however, I accept got". anticipate that hypochondria of the capital animal is in a bad ase, because he had not alone all the affection of the diseases he had apprehend in the t Of2 000K, out alike tnougnt up several compllcatlons. 10 aescrlDe tnls tne autnor usea antithesis: "l approved to appraise myself. I acquainted my pulse. I could not at aboriginal feel any beating at all. Then, all of sudden, it seemed to alpha off. I pulled out my watch and timed it. I fabricated ita 100 and 47 to the minute. I approved to feel my heart. I could not feel my heart. It had chock-full beating". The acme of irony and self-irony of the story, I think, is in these 2 phrases - "l had absolved into the reading-room a happy, advantageous man. I rawled out a afflicted wreck". It's actual funny and actual sad simultaneous, because we accept that the alone ache this man had was his brainy instability. And the capital appearance itself accepted that he was actually blessed and advantageous man afore he apprehend about the diseases, but afterwards it he acquainted absolutely ill, alike admitting he accepted annihilation in anesthetic and he could not actuate if he had those affection or not. The accident of the adventure comes gradually from the visiting of the doctor through the bearings in the chemist's up to accretion of the capital person. The key role actuality played the doctor. He knew our animal for a continued time and was his old chum, that is why he anon accepted what was activity on and what was the amount with the patient. The doctor knew an access to this person. He wrote such a funny prescription, because he knew that apprehensive bodies like to amusement themselves and he knew that the accommodating would chase anniversary chat he wrote in the prescription. And the focus succeeded - the man ate 1 batter beefsteak and drank 1 pint buck every 6 hours, fabricated 1 ten-mile airing every morning, and took 1 bed at 11 every night, and, 10 and behold, - "l followed the admonition with the blessed aftereffect that y activity was preserved and is still activity on". Happy end 0 So, the adventure is over, but I anticipate it is the end alone for one allotment of the accomplished story, I beggarly the adventure of the personage's life. I anticipate it is not the end, because the catechism is the difficult brainy agitation and one funny decree can't break this actively problem. I anticipate that man would be blessed and advantageous until he apprehend one added book or commodity or watched a TV-show about a new baleful disease. Bodies with such problems charge argue not with accountable amount experts but with brainy specialists, and alone in this case they will accept adventitious to become absolutely blessed and healthy.

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