A unique assignment (read instructions)

Instructions:  consider your ideal educational acquaintance application assigned readings and video clips.  Feel chargeless to locate added sources and accede claimed adventures that ability adviser your ideal educational experience.  The acquaintance can be a academy for pre-K, K-12, academy education, accumulated training, and more.  Accede online options, contiguous options, homeschooling, and new media technologies.  After discussing account for this acquaintance in class, actualize an advertisement, promotional flyer, archetype for a radio spot, or abrupt (4-slide) PowerPoint or Prezi presentation. Below are the links to this weeks readings and video clips to use for the assignment: (the adapter is additionally a account from this anniversary that you could use) RSA Animate- Changing apprenticeship paradigms  https://brandman.blackboard.com/bbcswebdav/pid-10116957-dt-content-rid-48862304_2/xid-48862304_2 Forget what you know: Jacob Barnett at TEDxTeen https://brandman.blackboard.com/bbcswebdav/pid-10116958-dt-content-rid-48862305_2/xid-48862305_2 Unschooling: Home acquirements the approaching of US Education? https://brandman.blackboard.com/bbcswebdav/pid-10116959-dt-content-rid-48862306_2/xid-48862306_2 Unschooling: the new chic of learning https://brandman.blackboard.com/bbcswebdav/pid-10116960-dt-content-rid-48862307_2/xid-48862307_2 Author Stephen Brookfield on developed apprenticeship today https://brandman.blackboard.com/bbcswebdav/pid-10116961-dt-content-rid-48862308_2/xid-48862308_2 Andragogy (Adult Learning) https://brandman.blackboard.com/bbcswebdav/pid-10116962-dt-content-rid-48862309_2/xid-48862309_2  Other Readings from The Norton Reader Book: The afterward readings from the Norton Reader Fredrick Douglass, Acquirements to Apprehend (404) John Holt, How Agents Make Children Hate Account or alternative Norton Reader commodity called by the instructor Jonathan Kozol, Fremont Aerial Academy (423) Caroline Bird, Academy is a Waste of Time and Money (428) Adrienne Rich, Taking Women Acceptance Seriously (443) Mike Rose, Blue Collar Brilliance (449) NJIT, Andragogy & Pedagogy, http://web.njit.edu/~ronkowit/teaching/andragogy.htm Here is an added account that may be of interest: Eudora Welty, Clamorous to Learn (409) Your readings activate with Frederick Douglass who was built-in a bondservant and abstruse to read, back it was “almost an unpardonable breach to advise disciplinarian to apprehend in this Christian country” (347). The affair of account continues with John Holt giving admonition on what works and does not appointment by alms vignettes that advance to a set of absorbing precepts. Jonathan Kozol’s commodity offers a contour of an over-crowded aerial academy in Los Angeles that could accept calmly been the account of a declining academy in New York City, Chicago or Miami. Caroline Bird’s commodity challenges us with the rather austere abstraction that academy may not be a acceptable advance for everyone. The artist and columnist Adrienne Rich draws a parallel, in her abode focused on the agents of women, amid the apprenticeship and advisers of boyhood acceptance and the questions airish by her about teaching women; the two situations accommodate agnate pedagogical approaches. Rich broadens the altercation to women in association and how the angle of women in the academy mirror sexism of the association at large. Mike Rose paints a affectionate and compassionate account of the abounding struggles aboriginal bearing academy acceptance face in aggravating to accompany an education. Finally, the articulation provides a abrupt description of what the agreement andragogy and apprenticeship mean. The account selections for this anniversary will advice you complete both your autograph appointment and Altercation Board assignments for this week, so be abiding to plan your account time accordingly.

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