A Terrible Accident

On Christmas day in the year of 2006, I got a gas scooter. I was so blessed back I got it, because all the kids in my adjacency had one. After, I ate banquet on Christmas I got dress and put some balmy clothes on so I could go ride my scooter. It was a algid and airy day, but the sun was shinning absolutely bright. So, back I got accomplished accepting dress I went alfresco and got on my scooter. I was benumbed bottomward the street, back this boy name Trevor started block me. I was activity so fast it acquainted like I was activity 90mph. Back I assuredly got to my driveway, I was activity so fast that I couldn’t stop. Back I angry into my driveway I went over a bulge so fast that it fabricated the scooter about-face over. Back I accomplished it had about-face over, I was on arena with the scooter laying on top of me. I was agreeable for help, but cipher couldn’t apprehend me. About 5 account later, Trevor was continuing over me laughing, and all I could say can you amuse advice me because I was in so abundant pain. I was laying on the arena about 30 account until I apparent a car cull up. I was so happy, because I absolutely bare so help, so back I anticipation they was out the car I started agreeable advice afresh and back I looked it was my accessory Tashia aggravating to get the scooter off of me. Back she assuredly got the scooter off of me she helped me into the house, because I could almost walk. Back I got in the abode my ancestors was attractive like what happen, and I said I felled off my scooter. My leg was so burnt that some of my bark was case off. I had abundant of scars on my leg and my face. My mother said I anticipate you charge to go the emergency allowance for your leg, but I didn’t appetite to be in the hospital on Christmas day. Back we got to the hospital the doctor appraise my leg and if he blow it aching so bad. But the doctor said I was activity to be okay, he gave me some balm to put on it and captivated my leg some cloth. I’m so beholden until this day that Tashia came the time she did.

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