A Study on the Six Step Conceptual Branding Model Strategy of Philip Kotler

Introduction The cardinal of sales determines the success of a company. On the another hand, some sales per a accustomed aeon are abased on the affection of the brand. Altered companies with agnate appurtenances advance their cast in a address that would acquiesce it to attempt with others in the market. Philip Kotler has developed a six-step conceptual branding archetypal strategy. Definitions of the variables of Kotler’s model According to Kotler (2016), cast purpose gives answers to the questions pertaining what the cast promises to accomplish. It states how the cast is activity to change the lives of the buyers and accommodated their expectations. Cast purpose is what convinces the buyers to either buy or opt for an alternative. According to Kotler (2016), Cast Accession is the act of designing a cast in such a way that it would absorb the apperception of the ambition buyers. It differentiates the aggregation cast from those of another firms and gives the consumers a acumen to go for your brand. According to Kuuru and Tuominen (2016), for a cast accession to be achieved, it charge be unique, appropriate, significant, sustainable, and abutment the alignment needs. Brand adverse is the affiliation of a cast with above achievement and appropriately ambience the cast afar from the competition. The cast adverse is accomplished by ensuring quality, affordability and above achievement of the brand. The cast should action what the competitors does not action to be altered from them. Brand character refers to the apparatus that are accompanying to a product. It conveys a bulletin to the consumers about the brand. According to Kotler (2016), cast character is congenital by creating a able cast accession and differentiation. Moreover, cast character provides absolute advice on what is to be accepted from the artefact brand. Brand assurance is a action aimed at architecture aplomb amidst the barter to accomplish them accept that the cast will bear according to its promise. This is aimed at authoritative bigger sales and appropriately authoritative profits. Brand Alms refers to the affiance that a cast offers to the consumers that it will serve the bodies and the society. A acceptable cast alms ensures that the barter both individuals and association are not abnormally affected. Samsung Phones Brands Samsung Electronics’ character and purpose are able-bodied captured in its eyes which is to “Inspire the world, actualize the future.” It aims at alarming the angel through addition and adorn people’s lives. Samsung’s accession is attributed to its avant-garde nature, design, aerial quality, and price. It has consistently appear articles with new features, and appropriately it has enabled it to attempt with another brands in the bazaar such as Apple. Looking at brand’s differentiation, Samsung differentiates itself from another by aggravating to bigger claimed acquaintance and avant-garde technology. For example, the absolution of Galaxy S6 that has a arced awning placed Samsung in a bigger position in the bazaar due to the addition of a new affection (Dissanayake and Amarasuriya, 2015). Samsung has ensured that it maintains its accommodation in the bazaar by architecture a able cast trust. By accouterment affection and bigger technology and innovation, the cast has won the hearts of abounding customers. Its software and accouterments complies with the customer needs. On the another hand, it has maintained a acceptable cast alms by ensuring the assurance of the users while application their electronics. The barter adore the actualization and functionality accommodation of the Samsung phones after any dangers (Steenkamp, 2017). In conclusion, the Samsung adaptable brands accept the appropriate action of business that has enabled it to abide accordant in the bazaar all along. It has managed to attempt with another brands such as Angel iPhone. However, in his work, Steenkamp (2017) appear that there are claims that Samsung has been tweaking and artful another company’s brands. The allegations accept not been able to avert the spirit of Samsung aggregation from accouterment the best of its services. References Steenkamp, J. B. (2017). All-around Cast Management. In All-around Cast Action (pp. 181-208). Palgrave Macmillan UK. Dissanayake, D. M. R., & Amarasuriya, T. (2015). Role of cast character in developing all-around brands: a abstract based analysis on case allegory amid angel iPhone vs Samsung smartphone brands. Kuuru, T. K., & Tuominen, P. (2016). Creating a conceptual framework for accumulated cast positioning. In Business Challenges in the Changing Economic Landscape-Vol. 2 (pp. 177-195). Springer International Publishing. Philip Kotler., (2016) Branding: From Purpose to Beneficence: Business Journal.

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