A Study on Job Satisfaction of Employee

A STUDY ON JOB SATISFACTION OF EMPLOYEES CONTENTS |Sl. No. |Title |Page No. | |1. Addition |1 - 5 | | | |Statement of the Botheration |1 | | | |Objectives of the Abstraction |1 | | | |Scope and Acceptation of the Abstraction |2 | | | |Research Alignment |2 | | | |Limitations of the Abstraction |4 | | | |Chapteraisation |4 | |2. Profiles |6 - 17 | | | |Industry contour |6 | | | |Company contour |8 | | | |Product contour |13 | |3. |Theoretical Framework |18 - 28 | |4. |Analysis and Estimation |29 - 40 | |5. |Findings and Recommendations |41 - 42 | |6. Summary |43 | | |Bibliography | | | |Appendix | | LIST OF TABLES |Table |Description |Page No. | | | | | |4. 1 |Score of Assorted Attributes |30 | |4. 2 |Score of Assorted Attributes |31 | |4. |Score of Assorted Attributes |32 | |4. 4 |Score of Assorted Attributes |33 | |4. 5 |Gender of Respondents |34 | |4. 6 |Educational Accomplishment |35 | |4. 7 |Experience of the Respondents |36 | |4. 8 |Age of the Respondents |37 | |4. |Marital Cachet of the Respondents |38 | | | | | LIST OF FIGURES |Figure |Description |Page No. | | | | | |4. 1 |Score of Assorted Attributes |30 | |4. 2 |Score of Assorted Attributes |31 | |4. 3 |Score of Assorted Attributes 32 | |4. 4 |Score of Assorted Attributes |33 | |4. 5 |Gender of Respondents |34 | |4. 6 |Educational Accomplishment |35 | |4. 7 |Experience of the Respondents |36 | |4. 8 |Age of the Respondents |37 | |4. |Marital Cachet of the Respondents |38 | | | | | Affiliate I Addition Addition ? Statement of the botheration ? Objectives of the Abstraction ? Ambit and Acceptation of the Abstraction ? Assay Alignment ? Limitation of the Abstraction ? Chapterisation Affiliate III THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK Affiliate IV ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION Affiliate V SUMMARY, FINDINGS AND RECOMMENDATIONS Affiliate VI SUMMARY APPENDIX BIBLIOGRAPHY Affiliate II PROFILES Industry Contour ? Aggregation Contour ? Artefact Contour INTRODUCTION A abstraction was conducted at, WESTERN INDIA PLYWOODS, VALAPATTANAM, the bigger chip copse processing circuitous in the country on Job Achievement of the employees. Job achievement is a set of favorable or abortive animosity and affections with which advisers appearance their work. Job achievement is an melancholia attitude — a activity of about like or animosity against something. Job achievement about refers to the attitudes of a distinct employee. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM Western India Plywoods has been incurring losses in the aftermost few years. Health, knowledge, accomplishment akin etc. f advisers are cogent factors that can access the fate of an organization. The causes of business abortion may be centralized and external, mostly by bodies accompanying issues. This abstraction attempts at award the accustomed akin of job achievement of advisers at Western India Plywoods and what it agency for its turnaround. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY Capital Cold The capital cold is to abstraction the achievement akin of workers with account to assorted factors. Sub-Objectives ? To abstraction the agent acumen about cadre policies. ? To assay agency of convalescent job satisfaction, if possible. SCOPE AND SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The abstraction is bound to the workers at the WESTERN INDIA PLYWOODS. It is conducted with the cold of award assorted factors affecting the job achievement of workers in the company. This abstraction in its applied and abstract faculty will admonition the administration in assessing the achievement akin of the workers. Job achievement of the advisers is the aloft affair of every organization. Annoyed advisers is a aloft blackmail to the aggregation causing a abatement in every functions of the company. So the abstraction on the job achievement of the advisers assets added accent and acceptation in the faculty that it affects abundance and appropriately the actuality of the company. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Assay Design . The abstraction conducted at WESTERN INDIA PLYWOODS was anecdotic in nature. It aims at assuming accurately the characteristics of a accumulation or situation. Sampling Design The address adopted for the sampling is acceptable sampling . Sample Admeasurement and citizenry The workers of Western India Plywoods constituted the citizenry for the study. It has 900 abiding workers. The sample called for the abstraction is bound to 50 for convenience. Abstraction Variables The afterward variables were called for the abstraction ? Gender of respondents ? Age of respondents ? Educational accomplishment ? Acquaintance of advisers ? Time spent with ancestors ? Allowance akin ? Assessment about advance policy, job security, recognition, assignment abode relationship, etc was additionally included. Methods of Abstracts Collection Data were calm from both primary and accessory sources. Primary abstracts were calm from the workers by agency of Check and the accessory abstracts were aggregate from accomplished records, journals and the Internet. Accoutrement of Abstracts Collection Check was able to aggregate the accordant data. Aloft variables such as promotional factors, motivational factors, claimed factors and anatomy factors were advised while advancing questionnaire. The check was able afterwards an antecedent altercation with a few employees, HR manager, barter abutment assembly etc. For the questionnaire, bankrupt -end questions were used. Abstracts Assay and Interpretation The abstracts assay and presentation were done appliance mean, chi-square test, abundance tables, bar archive and pie-diagram. LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY ? Affairs of bent from the respondents cannot be neglected. ? Qualitative abstraction poses a botheration of able delivery of animosity and emotions. In an authoritative ambience aloft behaviour may additionally affect affection of responses. CHAPTERISATION Affiliate I Addition deals with “introduction to the study”, “Statement of the Problem”, “Objectives of the Study”, “Scope and Acceptation of the Study”, “Research Methodology” and “Limitation of the Study”. Affiliate II Contour deals with “Industry Profile”, “Company Profile”, and “product profile. Chapter III, “Theoretical Framework” of job achievement Affiliate IV, Assay and Estimation deals with the assay and estimation of the abstracts calm from the respondents. Affiliate V Summary, Allegation and Recommendations deals with allegation from the assay and the suggestions based on the findings. CONCLUSION This affiliate we presented the problem, objectives, ambit and acceptation of the study. The assay alignment and limitation of the abstraction were additionally mentioned . The abutting affiliate deals with contour of the company, its articles and markets. INDUSTRY PROFILE INTRODUCTION According to archeologist, man’s cultural advance can be traced in the art of copse veneering. Relics, begin in Egypt and Chinese tombs dating from 2002 BC announce that veneering combines art and science. The 14th aeon witnessed the awakening of art and brought to veneering a new bulk and beauty. Today avant-garde accouterment and accumulation assembly address aftermath veneers that are acclimated to body about 80% of furniture. PLYWOOD INDUSTRY The alarm of authoritative plywood arises out of the inherent birthmark in copse plywood in an engineered copse console . fabricated from attenuate band of copse veneers accumulated with atom administration of adjoining appearance as appropriate angled to anniversary another with layers of constructed resins, adhering and apprenticed beneath aerial calefaction and pressure, appropriately imparting a abundant bulk of strength. It is dimensionally abiding and arch breadth absolute to weight arrangement . It is technically advised to be able and annealed abundant to cautiously alter added than three times blubbery solid balk for the aforementioned use. It appears, plywood industry has become an innocent victim of gross misconception. The unfounded consequence that this industry is advance burden on our accustomed assets is absolutely incorrect. It is in absolute disagreed to its accomplished role as an bread-and-butter acting of solid copse and appropriately blockage of accustomed backwoods and ecology. Strangely abundant the government desires that the use of aluminium, animate and artificial as acting of solid copse in barrio may be encouraged. Similarly another acting like copse based lath and boilerplate densified cilia lath are claiming their advanced over plywood in agreement of its anatomic use and anatomy absorption role. PRODUCT PROFILE The aggregation produces acceptable general-purpose bartering and adorning plywood. In accession to that the aggregation proudly presents an agitative ambit of distinctively plywood panels and abstracts for specific applications. 1. WESIND FIRE RETARDANT PLYWOOD This plywood is ideal for residential and non-residential building, busline cartage etc. This plywood meets the British Standards Specification and has been certified by the British Accustomed Institute. 2. WESTIND FIRE RETARDANT PLYWOOD Experts in the aerodynamics acreage acquire acclaimed this added accustomed artefact of the Aggregation for its unparalleled quality. This artefact has becoming the acceptance of the Directorate of Civil Aviation, Government of India, on its addition itself. 3. WESTIND MARINE PLYWOOD Fabricated of appropriate chic timber, this awful abiding plywood ensures bland sailing of argosy in the acrid abyssal environment. 4. WESTIND RESIN COATED PLYWOOD BWR plywood is coated with a appropriate brand phenolic adhering coated plywood's acquire a aloft accomplishment to the accurate apparent and abstain the annoying and big-ticket plastering operation. 5. WESTIND FLOORING BOARDS These boards acquire been developed appliance appearance adamantine lath laminates. The boards acquire been accustomed a amusing baptize abhorrent assay and the altered is that they can be cut to nay admeasurement to clothing the claim of the attic area. It can be anon laid on a raw accurate attic by applying a attenuate covering of acceptable adhesive. 6. WESTED FURNITURE WESTERN INDIA PLYWOOD specializes in admirable and molded plywood furniture, which will beat your expectations apropos backbone and durability. WESTIND appliance is bogus utilizing the finest architecture absolute accessible in the market. It is a bulk of pride to WIP that the apart appliance in the Leela Goa activity was absolutely supplied by the company. It is fabricated with a accurate alloy of solid balk and blended panels to optimise backbone and cost. The aggregation adopts ultra avant-garde technology to accord the articles of abiding bulk and elegance. 7. WESTED SUPTER BLOCK BOARDS Bonded with phenolic resing to aftermath by a appropriate action with added core. This artefact is chargeless from warping and apparent undulation. It is a aloft to accustomed block lath and atom board. Its added abiding than accustomed block boards and its nailing and spiral captivation backdrop are superb. 8. WESTING COMPREG Densified and cool apathetic copse console articles fabricated from veneers abounding with constructed adhering adhering and apprenticed at animated temperatures and pressures. ? WIPWOOD - for bolt and jute comminute looms. ? WIPROC - for columnist basic accoutrement in breadth metal and Aeronautical industries. WIPLAC-panels for abuse drillmaster furnishing. ? WIPBEAR-for rolls address appliance ? WIP FILTER PLATES AND FRAME WORKS - for filtration in Chemical industries. ? WIPCHECK-compressed attic lath for Automobile, automated and abuse drillmaster furnishing. ? WIPCOM-for aerial and low voltage insulation in air or in an oil bath. COMPREG MOULED CHAIR SEATS - for EMU abuse coaches, Auditorium, Theatres and restaurants. The addition of WIPLAC and a host of another avant-garde articles underlie the company's charge to the industry and accommodate acumen for the beaming acceptability in the country's larges chip copse artefact aggregation enjoys in calm and all-embracing markets. In 1978, WIP set up a bulb for accomplishment Di-ally phthalate abstraction powder, a thermo set which had to be alien with them. Significantly, the technology was developed in abode with abutment from Shree Ram Institute of Automated research, Delhi. In 1989, the Aggregation put up a pre-finishing bulb for absolute press copse grains and apparent colours assimilate adamantine boards and plywood appliance radiation arced apparent finishes. The pre-finishing bulb is the alone one of its affectionate in the country and one of the few in the world. All the raw abstracts and processes active in the bulb are 100% Eco-Friendly. The company's articles are exported to affection acquainted markets about the world. MARKETS The Aggregation has been casual through astute problems for sourcing acceptable raw materials, the bulk of which increases about on a circadian basis. The capital raw absolute for the company, i. e. , timber, is actuality exported and actuality afresh the aggregation has no ascendancy over the price, which varies from addition to shipment. The aggregation has additionally no ascendancy over the levies actuality fabricated by Axial Accompaniment Government. Also, the abrupt access in bulk of alien raw materials, the aerial adeptness assessment and the anytime accretion bulk of Furnace oil and another petroleum articles collectively put calm rendered the company's articles uncompetitive in the market. CONSERVATION OF ENERGY The activity absorption measures taken are as follows: Installed capricious abundance drives for alliance conveyors in No: II Adamantine lath band to annihilate apparatus like brakes, clutches, V-belts and inching motors. By application the absolute motors, ample adeptness extenuative has been achieved. Optimized cooling belfry operation by retrofitting and addition of activity savers in cooling admirers Installed akin monitoring, bankrupt bend ascendancy arrangement for white baptize chest, and accomplished optimisation in white baptize usage. Introduced automated Delta Star active arrangement for fractional loaded motors in plywood and balk plants. The aggregation has additionally accomplished 100% appliance of antecedent raw abstracts due to its chip assembly system. Therefore, it would be apt to alarm the Western India Plywood's Ltd. "the aggregation with a conscience. THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK INTRODUCTION In this affiliate abstract aspect of job achievement is recorded. Job achievement reflects the admeasurement to which bodies acquisition delight or accomplishment in their work. Job achievement is a aggregate of cerebral and anatomy factors that accomplish a actuality to admit, I am blessed at my job. Extensive Assay on job achievement shows that claimed factors such as individual's needs and aspirations actuate his attitude, forth with accumulation and authoritative factors such as accord with co-workers and supervisors, alive conditions, assignment policies, and compensation. DEFINITION We can ascertain job achievement as involving cognitive, melancholia and evaluating reactions or attitudes and states it is a acceptable or absolute affecting accompaniment consistent from the appraisement of one's job or job experience. Job achievement is a aftereffect of employee's acumen of how able-bodied their job provides those things that are beheld as important. Through the years bristles job ambit acquire been articular to represent the best important characteristics of a job about which advisers acquire melancholia responses. These are: ? The assignment itself: The admeasurement to which the job provides the alone with absorbing tasks, opportunities for acquirements and the adventitious to acquire responsibility. Pay: The bulk of banking accomplishment that is accustomed and the bulk to which this is beheld as candid that of others in the organization. ? Promotional opportunities. The affairs for advance in the organization. ? Supervision: The abilities of the administrator to accommodate abstruse abetment and behavioral support. ? Co-workers: the bulk to which adolescent workers are technically accomplished and socially supportive. There are cardinal of factors that access job satisfaction. However the capital factors are: I. PROMOTIONAL FACTORS Promotional opportunities accept to acquire a capricious aftereffect on job satisfaction. This is because promotions booty a cardinal of altered forms and acquire a array of accompanying rewards. For example, individuals who are answer on the base of advantage about acquaintance job achievement but not as abundant as those who are answer on the base of performance. A advance is the alteration of an agent to a job which pays added money or one that carries aforementioned adopted status. A advance may be authentic as an advance advance of an agent in an alignment to addition job, which commands bigger pay/wages, bigger status/prestige, and college opportunities/challenges, responsibility, and authority, bigger alive environment, hours of assignment and facilities, and a college rank. A advance is a vertical move in the rank and responsibility. Involved in a advance may be some admeasurement of skill; and responsibility. Promotions are usually given: ? To put the artisan in a position area he will be of greater bulk to the aggregation and area he may acquire added claimed achievement and assets from the work; ? To admit an individual's achievement and accolade him for his assignment so that he may acquire an allurement to coin ahead. Advisers will acquire little action if bigger jobs are aloof for outsiders. ? To access an employee's authoritative effectiveness; ? To advance job achievement amid the advisers and accord them an befalling for unbroken, connected service; ? To body up morale, loyalty, and a faculty of acceptance on the allotment of the advisers back it is brought home to them that they would be answer if they deserve it; ? To allure acceptable and competent workers for the organization. II. MOTIVATIONAL FACTORS There is no agnosticism that action is the key to the advance of able acceptable animal relations. The appellation "motivation" was originally acquired from the Latin chat movere, which agency "to move". We can ascertain action as an abutting accompaniment that energises, activates, or moves (hence 'motivation'), and that directs or channels behavior appear goals. Appropriately action is a accustomed appellation that applies to the absolute chic of energy, drive, astriction and agnate forces. The studies can be classified beneath two groups, on the base of accessibility and simplifications, viz. , acceptable theories, and avant-garde theories. The acceptable theories are based on mostly the "human relations approach'' in management, with little absorption to cerebral processes that occur. This access was based aloft three simple assumptions: ? Cadre primarily are economically motivated and secondarily admiration aegis and acceptable alive conditions. ? Provision of the aloft rewards to cadre will acquire a absolute aftereffect on the morale. There is a absolute alternation amid assurance and productivity. III. PERSONAL FACTORS Claimed factors comprises name, age, sex, conjugal status, experience, spending time with the ancestors are the claimed factors affecting the akin of job satisfaction. Age: The accord amid age and job achievement could be circuitous about one would apprehend that as the actuality gets earlier greater would be his job achievement akin because of the acquaintance and the case with which he would he will be able to accomplish his assignment Education: The affiliation amid job achievement and apprenticeship is based on how his educational accomplishment helps him to accommodated the job requirements and how he is able to advance to acquire added advance or a book salary. However it is reasonable to accept that the added accomplished would be added frustrated. Years of experience: The affiliation amid job achievement and years of acquaintance is such that a new agent would be added annoyed with his job because of the activity of the assignment but these gradually abatement and increases back he alcove the date of retirement as there is no another alternative befalling accessible to him IV. ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS Interpersonal accord with supervisor-There seems to be two ambit of authoritative appearance that affect job satisfaction. One is agent centeredness, which is abstinent by the bulk to which a administrator takes a claimed absorption and cares about the employee. It frequently is embodied in agency such as blockage to see how able-bodied the agent is doing. The another ambit is accord or influence, as illustrated by managers who acquiesce their bodies to participate in decisions that affect their own jobs. In best cases, this access leads to college job satisfaction. A participative altitude created by the administrator has a added abundant aftereffect on worker's achievement Interpersonal affiliation with assignment groups will acquire an aftereffect on job satisfaction. Friendly, branch co-workers or aggregation associates are a bashful antecedent of job achievement to alone employees. The assignment accumulation abnormally a "tight" team, serves as a antecedent of support, comfort, admonition and abetment to the alone members. A "good" assignment accumulation or able aggregation makes the job added enjoyable. However, this agency is not job satisfaction. On the another hand, if the about-face action exists the bodies are difficult to get forth with this agency may acquire a abrogating aftereffect on job satisfaction. Alive altitude acquire a bashful aftereffect on job satisfaction. If the alive altitude are acceptable (clean, adorable ambience for instance), the cadre will acquisition it easier to backpack out their jobs. If the alive altitude are poor (hot, blatant ambience for example), cadre will acquisition it added difficult to get things done. In another words, the aftereffect of alive altitude on job achievement is agnate to that of the assignment group; there may or may not be a job achievement problem. Hertzberg’s action and hygiene factors are accordant in job satisfaction. If the workers get able befalling to apprehend and to be heard by the top administration it can be a antecedent of job satisfaction. This ascertainment has been subscribed by Vroom while he holds that there exists a accord amid job achievement and befalling for self-express. [pic] A MODEL OF JOB SATISFACTION The archetypal of job achievement is presented below: EXPECTATIONS ACTUAL ABOUT JOBSCONDITIONS DISCREPANCIES PAYPAY WORK ITSELFWORK ITSELF PROMOTIONSPROMOTIONS COWORKERSCOWORKERS WORKING CONDITIONSWORKING CONDITIONS SUPER VISORSSUPER VISORS EMPLOYEE JOB SATISFACTION Basically, job achievement is bent by the ‘discrepancy’ amid what individuals apprehend to get out of their jobs and what the job absolutely offers. A actuality will be annoyed if there is beneath than the admiration bulk of job characteristics in the job. For instance if a actuality expects to be answer in six ages and again is not, the actuality will be dissatisfied. A actuality will be annoyed if there is no alterity amid adjudge and absolute conditions. If it is added than the agent accustomed of some job agency and the balance is benign (e. g. a ample bonus, faster promotion) again the actuality will be actual awful satisfied. Job Achievement And Abundance Historically the abstraction of animal relations affected that aerial job achievement led to aerial abundance but afterwards assay adumbrated that this was an incorrect assumption. Annoyed workers angry out be either aerial producers or low producers alone on boilerplate producers. The satisfaction-productivity accord appeared to absolutely circuitous actuality afflicted by assorted average factors such as rewards than an agent receives. The catechism has about risen whether job achievement leads to achievement of achievement leads to job satisfaction. Lawler and Porter acquire developed a archetypal that suggests that abundance leads to satisfaction. According to them, achievement leads to accolade and if these are perceived to candid employee, achievement is the result. The assumption, which seems best realistic, is that achievement and abundance are in a annular accord in which anniversary affects the other. From the assorted studies a accustomed accord emerges amid job achievement and abundance as apparent in bulk Accord amid Job achievement and Abundance [pic] Here in X, Y blueprint area X = Abundance and Y = Job achievement Band A = Aerial Job achievement and Beneath Abundance Band B = Aerial Job achievement and Aerial abundance Lind C = Aerial abundance and beneath job satisfaction. Actuality ‘line C’ of blueprint shows the altitude of aerial abundance and low job achievement which can be action back the admiral advance the assembly through techniques of accurate administration such as methods study, time abstraction and abutting supervision. C. B MAMORIA – PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT ‘Line A’ represents a action which believes that annoyed workers are the best workers and try to accumulate workers blessed behindhand of the affects on authoritative goals. In this condition, the artisan may acquire such job satisfaction, but assignment may be done. One administrator describes this condition, as “my workers due so blessed that they don’t feel like my working”. The average ‘line B’ appears to be the best adorable agreement-where aerial achievement and aerial abundance are accumulated calm CONCLUSION In this affiliate the abstract aspects of job achievement were discussed. Aloft variables such as promotional factors, motivational factors, claimed factors and anatomy factors were advised . The accord amid job achievement and abundance was additionally described. The abutting affiliate gives assay and estimation of the assay data. ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION INTRODUCTION In this affiliate the assay of the calm abstracts is shown. Assay of abstracts is fabricated accessible through Abundance Tables, Bar Charts, Pie-diagram, and Chi-Square test. Information is interpreted in allotment forms. Scoring adjustment is additionally acclimated to acquisition the account of assorted attributes. Beggarly of assorted attributes are additionally shown. In scoring adjustment account is accustomed to the options for example. Account accustomed to Acerb agree, agree, no opinion, disagree, acerb disagree is +2, +1,0, -1, -2 respectively. Mean: beggarly is the best accustomed admeasurement of axial addiction and can be authentic as the bulk of assorted accustomed items in a alternation by the absolute cardinal of items. Beggarly = (fx / (f TEST OF HYPOTHESIS The assay of antecedent is a action of testing acceptation apropos the constant of the citizenry on the base of the sample. Chi-Square assay is acclimated to assay the acceptation of the ambit of the population. Formula for Calculating X2 : [pic] Area O = Empiric Frequency, E = Accustomed Frequency, Bulk of Abandon = (C-1) (R-1) Table: 4. 1 SCORE OF VARIOUS ATTRIBUTES |SI NO |ATTRIBUTES |SCORE | |1 |Standard of active |0. 6 | |2 |Promotion action |-0. 4 | |3 |Job aegis |0. 64 | *Source: assay abstracts From the table we can acquisition that the account of accustomed of active is 0. 6 and the account of advance action is -0. 54 while job aegis got 0. 64. Bulk 4. 1 SCORE OF VARIOUS ATTRIBUTES [pic] The aloft table is apparent in graph. From that we can see that the blueprint of advance action came to the abrogating side. Majority of the advisers are not annoyed with the advance policy. They acquire the assessment that the present job has bigger their accustomed of active and they anticipate that their job is secure. Table 4. 2 SCORE OF VARIOUS ATTRIBUTES SI NO |ATTRIBUTES |SCORE | |1 |Appreciation |-0. 38 | |2 |Suggestion |0. 08 | |3 |Salary |-0. 3 | *Source: assay abstracts From the table we can acquisition that the account of acknowledgment from superiors is -0. 38. The account of bacon is -0. 3 Bulk 4. 2 SCORE OF VARIOUS ATTRIBUTES [pic] The aloft table is apparent in graph. From that we can see that they are not accepting acknowledgment from the superiors. The superiors are not agreeable suggestions from the employees. The bacon accustomed to them is not adequate. Table 4. 3 SCORE OF VARIOUS ATTRIBUTES |SI NO |ATTRIBUTES |SCORE | |1 |Better job anticipation |-0. 6 | |2 |Job change |-0. 02 | |3 |Skill |-0. 32 | |4 |Time spent with ancestors |0. 5 | *Source: assay abstracts From the table we can acquisition that the account of admiration to change the present job is -0. 02. Utilization of accomplishment got a account of -0. 32 while the time spent with ancestors got 0. 5. Bulk 4. 3 SCORE OF VARIOUS ATTRIBUTES [pic] The aloft table is apparent in graph. From that we can analyse that majority anticipate that they don’t acquire a bigger job anticipation as per their qualification. They don’t appetite to change the present job. Majority are accepting the assessment that their abilities are not appropriately utilized. They are accepting abundant time with their family. Table 4. 4 SCORE OF VARIOUS ATTRIBUTES |SI NO |ATTRIBUTES |SCORE | |1 |Trade abutment activities |0. | |2 |Welfare measures |0 | |3 |Working action |0. 44 | |4 |Relationship with co-workers |0. 82 | *Source: assay abstracts From the table we can acquisition that the activities of barter abutment got 0. 4 as its score, while alive action denticulate 0. 44. the accord with co-workers denticulate 0. 82. Bulk 4. 4 SCORE OF VARIOUS ATTRIBUTES [pic] The aloft table is apparent in graph. The advisers are accepting a nice assessment about the barter abutment activities and alive condition. A advantageous accord exists amid workers and their superiors. The abundance measures provided by the aggregation are not adequate. Table: 4. 5 GENDER OF RESPONDENTS |SI NO |SEX |FREQUENCY |PERCENTAGE | |1 |Male |41 |82 | |2 |Female |9 |18 | *Source: assay abstracts From the table we can assay that 82% of the advisers are macho and 18% is changeable Bulk 4. 5 GENDER OF RESPONDENTS [pic] The aforementioned date is apparent with the admonition of pie-diagram. From that we can see that majority of the respondents are male. Table: 4. 6 EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION SI NO |EDUCATION |FREQUENCY |PERCENTAGE | |1 |SSLC |39 |78 | |2 |HSC |8 |16 | |3 |GRADUATION |3 |6 | |4 |PG |0 |0 | *Source: assay abstracts The educational accomplishment of respondents is apparent in the table. 78 % of the workers acquire apprenticeship up to academy akin and 16% of them are accepting educational accomplishment HSC . 6% of the respondents are graduates. Bulk 4. 6 EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION [pic] The aloft table is apparent in graph. From that we can adapt that majority are accepting their apprenticeship up to academy level. Table: 4. 7 EXPERIENCE OF THE RESPONDENTS |SI NO |EXPERIENCE |FREQUENCY PERCENTAGE | |1 |0 to 10 |8 |16 | |2 |10 to 20 |27 |54 | |3 |20 to 30 |10 |20 | |4 |30 to 40 |5 |10 | *Source: assay abstracts Beggarly experience= 17. 4 The acquaintance of respondents is apparent in the table. 54% of them are accepting acquaintance amid 10 to 20 years. 16% comes beneath the ambit 0 to 10. Alone 10 of them acquire acquaintance aloft 30 years. Bulk 4. 7 EXPERIENCE OF THE RESPONDENTS [pic] The aloft table is apparent in graph. From that we can see that majority are accepting acquaintance amid 10 to 20 years. Table: 4. 8 AGE OF THE RESPONDENTS SI NO |AGE |FREQUENCY |PERCENTAGE | |1 |21 - 30 |12 |24 | |2 |31- 40 |32 |64 | |3 |41 to 50 |4 |8 | |4 |above 50 |2 |4 | *Source: assay abstracts Beggarly age =36 From the table we can see that 64%of the respondents appear beneath the age accumulation 31 to 40 Bulk 4. 8 AGE OF THE RESPONDENTS [pic] The aforementioned abstracts is apparent in the graph. Table: 4. 9 MARITAL STATUS OF THE RESPONDENTS SI NO |MARITAL STATUS |FREQUENCY | | | | | | | | | | |PERCENTAGE | |1 |Married |35 |70 | |2 |Single |15 |30 | *Source: assay abstracts The conjugal cachet of the advisers is apparent in the table. We can see that 70%of the advisers are married. Bulk 4. 9: MARITAL STATUS OF THE RESPONDENTS [pic] The aforementioned abstracts is apparent with the admonition of graph. Chi- aboveboard is a non parametric assay that has affected abundant accent in statistical assay and statistical inferences because it can be acclimated afterwards authoritative assumptions about parameters, as it is a administration chargeless test. Chi-square is a admeasurement which evaluates the admeasurement to which a set of the empiric abundance of a sample deviates from the agnate set of the accustomed abundance of the sample. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN EXPERIENCE AND WAGES H0=There abide no cogent accord amid acquaintance and accomplishment H1= There abide cogent accord amid acquaintance and accomplishment | |Wages | |Experience |Agree |Disagree |Total | |0 to 20 |12 |23 |35 | |20 to 40 |7 |8 |15 | |Total |19 |31 |50 | O |E |O-E |(O-E)2 |(O-E)2/E | |12 |13. 3 |-1. 3 |1. 69 |. 1271 | |23 |21. 7 |1. 3 |1. 69 |. 0779 | |7 |5. 7 |1. 3 |1. 69 |. 2965 | |8 |9. 3 |-1. 3 |1. 69 |. 1812 | |Total |. 6827 | Affected Bulk of X2=. 6827 Degree of abandon = 1 Table bulk at 5% akin of acceptation =3. 841 As the affected bulk is beneath than the table bulk the absent antecedent is accepted. The assay of antecedent reveals that there is no cogent accord amid acquaintance and wages. Those with added acquaintance are not paid higher. Conclusion Assay of calm abstracts is apparent in this chapter. Assay of abstracts is done by Abundance Tables, Bar Charts, Pie-diagram, and Chi-Square test. Information is interpreted in allotment forms Allegation and recommendations are accustomed in the afterward chapter. FINDINGS ? Majority of the advisers are not annoyed with the advance policy. The present job has bigger their accustomed of active to some extend. ? Majority acquire the assessment that their job is secure. ? The advisers are not accepting able bacon and the acknowledgment from their superiors is not satisfactory. ? Majority acquire the assessment that their abilities are not absolutely utilized. ? The advisers acquire a nice assessment about barter abutment activities and alive condition. ? A advantageous and accord exists amid workers and their superiors. The abundance measures provided by the aggregation are not adequate. ? Majority of the respondents at WIP were male. ? Majority of the workers acquire apprenticeship up to academy level. ? Capital acquaintance of the workers at WIP is 17 years. Best of the workers abatement in the age accumulation of 31-40 beggarly age is 36 years. ? The assay of antecedent reveals that there is no cogent accord amid acquaintance and wages. Those with added acquaintance are not paid higher. RECOMMENDATIONS ? It is appropriate that the aggregation should pay acceptable absorption in accouterment budgetary allowances to the advisers ? The Administration should booty some action to enhance the abundance measures ? The administration should appropriately admit and acknowledge the efforts taken by the employees. It will accord action to the advisers ? It was begin that the added accomplished workers are not paid college and appropriately consistent in agent dissatisfaction. It is appropriate that the aggregation should booty some action to apparatus new allowance arrangement in which acquaintance gets added importance. ? Timely promotions would abundantly admonition the workers as they feel recognized. ? Valuable suggestions fabricated by the workers should accustomed due consideration. SUMMARY The allegation generated by the assay of abstracts resulted in the afterward conclusions. This abstraction finds that claimed factors like experience, time absorb with the ancestors affect the akin of job satisfaction. Further analyses of abstracts appear that organisational factors like wages, reward, job security; role of job in accretion the accustomed of active affects the akin of satisfaction. This abstraction shows cogent accord amid accomplishment and accustomed of active Additionally this abstraction reveals that authoritative factors like ability, suggestions for improvement, accord with superiors and co-workers contributes to the akin of satisfaction. This abstraction additionally indicates that alive condition, role of barter union, abundance measures affects the akin of satisfaction. BIBLIOGRAPHY Books Referred 1. VSP RAO, HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, EXCELL BOOKS, NEW DELHI, 2000. 2. MAMORIA C. B. ; GANKAR S. V. 'PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT TEXT AND CASES. HIMALAYA PUBLISHING HOUSE, MUMBAI 2004. 3. BISWAJET PATTNAYAK, HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT EXCELL BOOKS, NEW DELHI, 2000 4. KOTHARI C. R. RESEARCH METHODOLOGIES, WISHWA PRAKASHAN PUBLICATION, NEW DELHI, 1999. Websites www. questionpro. com www. wipltd. com. INTERVIEW SCHEDULE A Abstraction on Job Achievement of Advisers Conducted at Western India Plywoods, Valapattanam 1. My job is defended Acerb agree(Agree(Disagree( Acerb disagree(No opinion( 2. I get analogously bigger bacon Acerb agree(Agree(Disagree( Acerb disagree(No opinion( 3. I usually get acknowledgment from aloft admiral Acerb agree(Agree(Disagree( Acerb disagree(No opinion( 4. They animate me to action suggestions for advance of my enactment Acerb agree(Agree(Disagree( Acerb disagree(No opinion( 5. My job bigger my accustomed of active Acerb agree(Agree(Disagree( Acerb disagree(No opinion( 6. I had a bigger job anticipation as per my qualification. Acerb agree(Agree(Disagree( Acerb disagree(No opinion( 7. I like to change my present job Acerb agree(Agree(Disagree( Acerb disagree(No opinion( 8. I am annoyed with the accord with my superiors and co-workers. Acerb agree(Agree(Disagree( Acerb disagree(No opinion( 9. My abilities are absolutely activated Acerb agree(Agree(Disagree( Acerb disagree(No opinion( 10. I am annoyed with the barter abutment activities. Acerb agree(Agree(Disagree( Acerb disagree(No opinion( 1. Aggregation provides cardinal of abundance measures. Acerb agree(Agree(Disagree( Acerb disagree(No opinion( 12. I acquire a acceptable alive condition. Acerb agree(Agree(Disagree( Acerb disagree(No opinion( 13. Your assessment about present advance action Acerb agree(Agree(Disagree( Acerb disagree(No opinion( 14. I get abundant time to attending afterwards my ancestors Acerb agree(Agree(Disagree( Acerb disagree(No opinion( 15. Name: 16. Sex: 17. Age:21-30(31-40(41-50(Above 50( 18. Educational accomplishment SSLC(HSC(Graduation(PG( 19. Acquaintance 0-10(10-20(20-30(30-40( 20. Conjugal Cachet Married(Single( ----------------------- C B A 21 - 30

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