A Study On Banking Ombudsman Scheme Commerce Essay

The Cyberbanking Ombudsman Scheme, 1995 was notified by RBI on June 14, 1995 in agreement of the admiral conferred on the Coffer by Section 35A of the Cyberbanking Regulation Act, 1949 to accommodate for a arrangement of redressal of grievances adjoin banks. The Arrangement approved to authorize a arrangement of active and bargain resolution of chump complaints. The Arrangement is in operation back 1995 and was revised during the year 2002. The Arrangement is actuality accomplished by Cyberbanking Ombudsmen appointed by RBI at 15 centres accoutrement the absolute country.

The chat ‘Ombudsman’ in accepted agency a ‘grievance man’, a attainable official who is appointed to investigate complaints adjoin the administration. He is to arbitrate for theordinarycitizen in his affairs with the circuitous accouterment of the establishment.


The cold abaft this arrangement is to accomplish attainable an active and amount able affliction redressal apparatus to coffer customers.

Vision and Goals of the Cyberbanking Ombudsman Offices

Vision Statement

To be a arresting and aboveboard arrangement of altercation resolution apparatus for accepted bodies utilizing the cyberbanking services.


– To ensure redressal of grievances of users of cyberbanking casework in an inexpensive, expeditious, fair and reasonable abode that will accommodate catalyst to bigger chump casework in the cyberbanking area on a connected basis.

– To accommodate admired acknowledgment suggestions to Reserve Coffer of India appear framing adapted and appropriate guidelines to banks to advance the akin of chump account and to strengthen their centralized affliction redressal systems.

– To enhance the acquaintance of the Cyberbanking Ombudsman Scheme.

– To facilitate quick and fair (non-discriminatory) redressal of grievances through use of IT systems, absolute and calmly attainable database and added capabilities of agents through training.


The Cyberbanking Ombudsman Scheme, 2002 covers all the Regional Rural Banks in accession to all Commercial Banks and Scheduled Primary Co-operative Banks, which were already covered by beforehand Cyberbanking Ombudsman Scheme, 1995. The area of complaints that can be entertained by the Cyberbanking Ombudsmen acquire been abundant in Clause 12 of the Cyberbanking Ombudsman Arrangement 2002.

What are complaints Ombudsman may receive?

The Cyberbanking Ombudsman can acquire and accede any complaint apropos to the afterward absence in cyberbanking casework (including internet banking):

* non-payment or disproportionate adjournment in the acquittal or accumulating of cheques, drafts or bills

* non-acceptance of baby church notes

* non-acceptance of bill tendered

* non-payment or adjournment in acquittal of entering remittances

* abortion to affair or adjournment in affair of drafts

* non-adherence to assigned alive hours

* abortion to accommodate or adjournment in accouterment a cyberbanking facility

* complaints from Non-Resident Indians accepting accounts in India

* abnegation to accessible drop accounts afterwards any accurate acumen for refusal

* levying of accuse afterwards able above-mentioned apprehension to the customer

* non-disbursement or adjournment in cost of pension

* abnegation to acquire or adjournment in accepting acquittal appear taxes

* affected cease of drop accounts afterwards due notice

* abnegation to abutting or adjournment in closing the accounts

* non-adherence to the fair practices cipher as adopted by the bank

* any alternative amount apropos to the abuse of the directives

When a being may book the complaint?

One can book a complaint afore the Cyberbanking Ombudsman if the acknowledgment is not accustomed from the coffer aural a aeon of one ages afterwards the coffer anxious has accustomed one s representation, or the coffer rejects the complaint, or if the complainant is not annoyed with the acknowledgment accustomed by the bank.

Rules for filing complaint

Any being may himself or through his accustomed adumbrative accomplish a complaint to the bank. If the coffer rejects the complaint or the complainant does not acquire any acknowledgment aural a ages or the complainant is not annoyed with the acknowledgment alike by the bank, the complainant may access the Cyberbanking Ombudsman for redress of the affliction accountable to the following:

· The complaint should be fabricated aural one year afterwards the account of activity has arisen.

· The complaint is not in account of the aforementioned accountable amount that was acclimatized through the Appointment of the Cyberbanking Ombudsman in any antecedent proceedings.

· The complaint does not affect to the aforementioned accountable amount for which any affairs afore any court, attorneys or adjudicator or any alternative appointment is awaiting or a decree or accolade or a final adjustment has already been passed.

· The complaint is not barmy or afflicting in natur

When will one s complaint not be advised by the Ombudsman ?

a. One has not approached his coffer for redressal of his affliction first.

b. One has not fabricated the complaint aural one year from the date one has accustomed the acknowledgment of the coffer or if no acknowledgment is accustomed if it is added than one year and one ages from the date of representation to the bank.

c. The accountable amount of the complaint is awaiting for auctioning / has already been dealt with at any alternative appointment like cloister of law, chump cloister etc.

d. Barmy or vexatious.

e. The academy complained adjoin is not covered beneath the scheme.

f. The accountable amount of the complaint is not aural the abuttals of the Cyberbanking Ombudsman.

g. If the complaint is for the aforementioned accountable amount that was acclimatized through the appointment of the Cyberbanking Ombudsman in any antecedent proceedings.

How & Where can one abode his/her complaint?

One can book a complaint with the Cyberbanking Ombudsman artlessly by autograph on a apparent paper. One can additionally book it online or by sending an email to the Cyberbanking Ombudsman. One may abode his/ her complaint at the appointment of the Cyberbanking Ombudsman beneath whose jurisdiction, the coffer annex complained adjoin is situated. For complaints apropos to acclaim cards and alternative types of casework with centralized operations, complaints may be filed afore the Cyberbanking Ombudsman aural whose territorial administration the announcement abode of the chump is located.


The achievement of the Cyberbanking Ombudsmen has been analysed on the aspects such as: the breakthrough of complaints handled by them, the accommodation in administration the issues, and account of the decisions of the Cyberbanking Ombudsmen. Added than 5000 complaints are accustomed by the Cyberbanking Ombudsmen every year. The cardinal of complaints accustomed by the BO offices has been steadily accretion back 1999-2000. The cardinal of complaints accustomed during 2000-01, 2001-02 and 2002-03 stood at 5803, 5907 and 5399 appropriately while there was a aciculate acceleration during the year 2003-04 at 8246. Details are as accustomed below:

Number of complaints accustomed by the Cyberbanking Ombudsmen Period

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