A Song for Social Change

Consider the adventure of amusing change that women accept taken over the  years: accomplishing the appropriate to vote, to own property, to accept according  pay for according work, to accept according admission to able opportunities,  and to affirmation according protections beneath the law, amid abounding alternative  changes—some of which abide to be advancing efforts. Women could not  have accomplished these accomplishments after a amusing change vision. Starting this anniversary and continuing throughout the course, you activate  to accomplish access amid women’s autograph and amusing change. Walden  University defines absolute amusing change as a advised action of  creating and applying ideas, strategies, and accomplishments to advance the  worth, dignity, and development of individuals, communities,  organizations, institutions, cultures, and societies. Whether absolute or  indirect, the authors presented in this advance anniversary had or accept a goal.  Although they represent altered ancestors and altered apparent  focus, they allotment abounding similarities and, conceivably unknowingly, abutment  the aforementioned mission of convalescent or advancing the acquaintance of women’s  lives. In this Discussion, you will focus on amusing change and song.  While songs are generally accounting artlessly to entertain, songwriters additionally  write songs to advise a lesson, abutment a cause, argue a political idea,  or accession acquaintance about an issue. Essentially, a song can actualize a  social change theme. Song lyrics are a anatomy of balladry set to music. You ability not  realize that what makes a song memorable or affective to you are the  literary techniques the songwriter uses to back her ideas. In this Discussion, you assignment with song lyrics of your  choosing—either from the account in this week’s Learning Assets or of  your own selection—that represent amusing change as it relates to women  in general. As you baddest a song, it is important to bethink to focus  on the accounting words in the song and not the complete of the music that accompanies it. To adapt for this Discussion: Review the timeline media allotment Women’s Voices and Amusing Change  located in this week’s Learning Resources. Within this broader context,  think about how the arcane works of this week’s authors accept  influenced amusing change in women’s lives. Consider how you would explain the abstraction of amusing change in  your own words and for your own interests or situation. Analysis Walden’s  full analogue of amusing change in this week’s Required Resources.  Then, chase the Internet and alternative assets for several added  definitions. How are these definitions agnate and different? How do  they analyze to your own estimation of amusing change? Consider the amusing changes that accept occurred for women both in  your lifetime and in accomplished generations. What stands out for you as actuality  particularly significant? Consider how music has afflicted and/or been afflicted by amusing change. Search your claimed music library, the Internet, or alternative  resources (including this week’s Optional Resources) for a song that  meets the afterward criteria:        The song was accounting by a woman. The song reflects a amusing change affair that anon or alongside relates to women. The song includes two arcane techniques listed in the “Glossary of Terms and Techniques for Literature and Creative Writing.” The song is from any time aeon or country, but the lyrics accept an English adaptation available. Summarize and digest the song application able APA commendation rules. With this song in mind, analysis the words of Ensler and Stanton  and Mott in this week’s Learning Resources. Can you see any affiliation  in anticipation or purpose amid these pieces and the song you selected? With these thoughts in mind: Post by Day 3 a 2- to 3-paragraph affirmation about how  a accurate song is an archetype of women delivery amusing change, and  provide affirmation to abutment this claim. Include in your announcement whether  any capacity announced in the works of Ensler and Stanton and Mott are  reflected in the song lyrics and how they are reflected—whenever they  were written. In addition, analyze the use of two arcane techniques  reflected in the song lyrics.

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