A Review of the Work and Play poem By Ted Hughes

This composition is about a allegory amid a absorb and animal beings that are on a day trip. The absorb is at assignment in the composition and is activity content. The humans, however, are declared to be adequate and accepting fun, but they feel afflicted instead. With this, there is irony actuality with the title, as the absorb is alive but accepting fun. The writer, I feel, is actuality biased in his poem. He tends to be in favour of the swallow. The composition is anecdotic the bodies as 'polluting' the environment. The bulletin of the composition is that we shouldn't abort our ambiance and our bloom by 'baking' ourselves beneath the sun. The composition talks about the tourists accession and afresh abrogation unhappily. The biographer is additionally anecdotic the swallow's day, what it does to absorb itself and abiding to its home at night. The composition is breach into four, diff stanzas. The aboriginal three stanzas, alpha off with a description of the absorb and afresh humans. The aftermost stanza, however, starts off with a description of the bodies and afresh the swallow. This makes us stop, anticipate and added acquisitive to accomplishment the poem, as it's a change of pattern. The writer, conceivably wants to leave the clairvoyant with a absolute and blessed angel rather than a abrogating and discomforting image. In the aboriginal three stanzas, the end of the two longest curve rhyme, basic a array of balladry couplet, e. g. "... dust" and "... bust" in the aboriginal stanza. In the aboriginal stanza, the writer, uses adumbration in the aboriginal phrase, "The absorb of summer, she cobweb all the summer" the use of 's' words. This gives the band a array of accent to it. The metaphor, "A blue-dark bond of ablaze voltage," gives us this consequence of a bright, able and active angel of the swallow. The word, 'glittering' additionally gives us an angel of the swallow's agleam feathers. A whiplash swimmer... " gives us a faculty of the swallow's speed, rapid. Afresh the artist writes, "But... " which is acclimated at the alpha of anniversary of the human's description in the aboriginal three stanzas, a anatomy of repetition. The composition gives us a happy, absolute image, aback anecdotic the swallow, at the alpha of the aboriginal three stanzas. Then, he uses 'But' aback starting to call the humans, which alpha to accord us a afflicted and black feel appear the humans. The writer, uses the allegory 'Serpent' to call the continued band of cars aggravating to get through traffic. This is a acceptable allegory to use because, if you are adorable from a birds-eye view, the roof of the cars, looks like the scales of a snake. There is also, how the cars move forth the swerving roads, like how a snake moves. "... that crawls through the dust" this metaphor, gives us an angel of the apathetic cars. A serpent, is a antagonistic creature, a assurance of evil, the devil, which is a sign, that the biographer is actuality biased in his poem. The phrases "shimmering exhaust" and "its agitation in ocean" are cogent us that they've already attenuated the baptize afore they, the humans, accept alike accustomed there. In the additional stanza, the biographer uses a metaphor, "... the acid harpoon" in the aboriginal line, to call the swallow. This gives us an consequence of the swallow's appulse and anatomy shape, as she dives in. The biographer uses adumbration in the additional line, "... flings from the furnace" and the chat 'flings' creates a faculty of movement, it makes the clairvoyant apprehend with expression. The metaphor, "... a bubble of purples" creates an adorable angel for the reader. In the third line, he uses adumbration again, "... he pond and is perfect" and this is creating a absolute image. In the description of the humans, he uses repetition, "But the serpent of cars... " to accomplish you bethink it, so it stays in your arch that abrogating feeling. Addition allegory acclimated is, "Disgorges its organs" which is apropos to the people, authoritative their way out of the cars, like a snake, address its skin, this is giving us addition abhorrent image. The two similes used, "Which cycle like tomatoes" and "Nude as tomatoes" gives us a abrogating angel of these large, lazy, sunburnt people, lying on the beach. With bank in their creases" gives us an afflictive feeling. The chat 'cringe' in the aftermost band gives this ashamed feeling, a abrogating feeling. The writer, is acutely application a lot of abrogating images to accompany out his message. The artful chat 'screech' is acclimated to accord us an angel of the abrogating sounds on the beach, the people's discomfort. In the third stanza, the biographer uses a lot of adumbration in the aboriginal two lines. The use of the 's' words, 'swallow', 'summer' is a bit onomatopoeic, bearing a faculty of the bird's movement. He uses the chat 'seamstress' to call the swallow, acceptation a dressmaker. This allegory is acclimated to appearance how she sews article application the sky and baptize as her material, which makes it now an continued metaphor. In the third line, it is anecdotic its movement, the twists and swerves. The chat 'draws' accommodate a continued complete and the chat 'knots' accommodate an abrupt, abbreviate sound, conceivably assuming the swallow's movement, gliding and afresh awkward abruptly. The biographer afresh uses 'But' afresh and brings aback the abrogating image. The bodies are declared as " ... aid out like wounded" the allegory is assuming their affliction in sunburn, laid out in rows, endangering themselves, like a band of blood-soaked soldiers. The metaphors, "Flat as in ovens" and "Roasting and basting" gives us the consequence they are actuality cooked. They're actuality compared to affable meat. The chat 'basting' is anecdotic the bodies putting on sun chrism and there's a bit of irony amid the way we baker meat. The chat 'torment' shows us their affliction and the chat 'blue' gives us an consequence of the heat, as hot as a dejected blaze and the sun's adverse rays. The abridgement of accent in the description of the bodies makes the clairvoyant apprehend with one breath, abrogation them in discomfort, to conceivably acquaintance how the bodies are absolutely feeling. The band "Their active are transistors" is anecdotic their active as actuality calefaction damaged and they're like robots, affective a bound amount. "Their teeth dust on bank grains" is array of a adumbration of the band "with bank in their creases" in the additional stanza, to admonish us of the bodies agony. The hyperbole and metaphor, "Man bistro flies" shows us their acrimony and affliction with the insects. Their 'electric shock needles' accomplish altitude worse, added pain, the concrete abhorrence of it all and it gives us a afflicted image, addition abrogating image. In the aftermost stanza, there is use of alliteration, "They can ascend in their cars... " The chat 'climb' is acclimated to call how the bodies get into their cars, assuming their tiredness. The adumbration with, "... raw bodies, raw faces" provides us with an angel of these sunburnt people, the colour of raw meat, claret red and the adumbration 'hammers' this angel into our heads. The line, "And cephalalgia it homeward" gives us an consequence of these annoyed and hot bodies abiding home. The allegory and hyperbole "a car abounding of squabbles" and the line, "And bawl and stickiness" shows us this abrogating angel of how the accouchement in the car, are complaining and throwing tantrums. Then, the biographer is application adumbration again, "With bank in their crannies" a agnate description is acclimated in the antecedent two stanzas. It shows us that alike admitting they are activity home, they still feel uncomfortable. The band "Inhaling petroleum" brings us aback to the bulletin of the poem, with the bodies communicable the planet. The biographer describes it as cloudburst out from the 'foxgloves'. Foxgloves are poisonous flowers. The biographer actuality is conceivably comparing the bankrupt to these flowers. The flowers aftermath a poison, venom, which a serpent produces also, one amercement your bloom and the alternative amercement the environment, they are both dangerous. The composition afresh moves on to anecdotic how the absorb allotment home. Adumbration is acclimated again, "The absorb of summer, cartwheeling through the crimson," to accord the band a rhythm. The chat 'cartwheeling' gives us this angel of the bird aerial home with happiness, through 'crimson', this is anecdotic the admirable sunset, the orange, chicken and red background. Touches the honey-slow river and turning" the chat 'honey' gives us a candied image. The river is a honey colour, due to the sun's blood-soaked application absorption assimilate the water. The biographer wants to leave us with a affable angel at the end of the poem. The absorb is declared as 'hand stretched' aback abiding to its home. The words are assuming us that the absorb is accustomed back, it is additionally conceivably apropos to God's easily extensive out to this admirable animal he has created. The humans, however, "... cephalalgia it homeward" Nobody accustomed them home, their adventure home, was antibacterial the environment. The aftermost band of the poem, " A backlash of amusement shadow. " leaves the clairvoyant in agreeable but additionally cerebration about the accomplished bulletin of the poem. The allegory used, 'boomerang' is a acceptable allegory to use because a backlash consistently allotment aback it's thrown. The biographer has acclimated three different, but agnate and able metaphors to call the swallow. The three metaphors he has used, has provided us with a able angel of the swallow. The absorb is amusement because, anybody has left, her day is over and now she can relax with happiness. I think, this composition has absolutely fabricated me think, that a day out can absolutely account so abundant crisis to us and to our planet. The irony of the poem, makes you anticipate that a absorb who works adamantine can still be so blessed with its activity and there's us, who insolate about and is activity unhappy, so why do we do it? The biographer has acclimated a lot of acceptable anecdotic metaphors and similes in his poem. I admired the metaphors he acclimated aback anecdotic the bodies on the beach, "Are laid out like wounded", "Flat as in ovens" and "Roasting and Basting". It absolutely emphasises the accomplished abstraction of the bodies endangering their lives for some amusement but they still feel black at the aforementioned time. Ted Hughes has absolutely apparent his point of appearance about the situation. He has done this by assuming such abrogating images aback anecdotic the humans, authoritative out that the bodies accept been put on this planet aloof to abort it and the animals are active how God would like the bodies to live. The way, how the composition is structured to how the biographer wants the clairvoyant to feel, is a acceptable effect. This brings some accuracy to the composition and it involves the clairvoyant more.

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