A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry | Analysis

Playwrights of Color

A Raisin in the Sun

“To be young, able and black” (Lorraine Hansberry) is a byword which is frequently associated with Lorraine Hansberry, which comes from the accumulating of autobiographical pieces which were put calm by her ex-husband in her account back she died. Throughout the years, individuals from all walks of activity acquire appear to America with dreams of a bigger life, in abounding altered areas such as social, educational, and economical opportunities as able-bodied as political and religious freedoms. With these wishes and dreams, the byword “life, alternative and the following of happiness” (Mitchell), which to abounding Americans embodies the American dream, can become a absoluteness or aloof a acrid admonition of what the American dream stands for because for some it comes accurate but for many, they are never able to ability their dream. She wrote the comedy A Raisin in the Sun to appearance bodies that acknowledging accompany and ancestors associates is important through the adamantine and aggravating time. If you are able to assignment adamantine and absolutely acquire in yourself, dreams can appear accurate in one anatomy or another. The American dream to anniversary individual, no amount age, chase or gender has a altered meaning. A Raisin in the Sun is important because it crosses over the connected agitation of ancestral and gender issues which arose during the time this comedy was written, and alike during the present day and age.

Lorraine Hansberry was built-in in Chicago in 1930. Through her beforehand years, Hansberry’s parents beatific her to accessible academy rather than clandestine schools in a beef adjoin the allegory laws. In 1938, the Hansberry ancestors was one of the aboriginal African American families to move into an all white neighborhood. Afterwards affective in, the neighbors threatened them with abandon and acknowledged action, but the Hansberry’s would not put up with any of it and Hansberry’s ancestor would afterwards accompany his case all the way to the Supreme Court. Back she assuredly went to college, she concluded up acceptance at assorted schools including, the “University of Chicago; at the Art Institute of Chicago; at the New Academy of Amusing Research in New York; in Guadalajara, Mexico; and at the University of Wisconsin”(Encyclodpedia of Apple Biography on Lorraine Vivian Hansberry). While accessory college, she saw a academy achievement of a comedy by the author Sean O’Casey and absitively to become a writer. In 1950, she concluded up bottomward out of academy and confused to New York. While in New York, she absitively to booty classes in autograph at the New Academy for Amusing Research and concluded up alive as an accessory editor of Paul Robeson’s newspaper/magazine Freedom. During this aeon of her life, she met abounding arch African-American intellectuals, activists and acclaimed writers, such as one acclaimed writer, Langston Hughes. In 1953 Hansberry concluded up marrying Robert Nemiroff, who was white, additionally a alum apprentice in Jewish literature, a songwriter, and took allotment in accommodating in the political contest of the time at the agitation bigotry at New York University. Nemiroff acquired his huge success with his hit song, ‘Cindy, Oh Cindy’, and afterwards Nemiroff’s success, and Hansberry’s abounding allotment time jobs, she was able to achieve bottomward and allot herself absolutely to writing. While writing, it eventually took its anatomy in a play, which came from a composition by Langston Hughes, alleged “Harlem”. The success of the play, A Raisin in the Sun, concluded up acceptable the accolade for best comedy of the year, which fabricated Lorraine Hansberry the aboriginal African American and the youngest American to win the New York Ball Critics Circle Award. “She acclimated her new acclaim to advice accompany absorption to the American civilian rights movement as able-bodied as African struggles for ability from colonialism”(A Raisin in the Sun). Afterwards abounding years, Hansberry had conjugal problems with Nemiroff and they absitively to annulment in 1964. Hansberry was alone able to alive connected abundant to see one alternative play, besides A Raisin in the Sun, be produced. On January 12, 1965, Hansberry died of pancreatic blight at the boyish age of thirty-four. She concluded up actuality one of the aboriginal playwrights to portray absolute African American characters and their struggles in day to day activities of African American life. This was apparent in her comedy by the afflatus of her own family’s struggles adjoin the acknowledged battles in absolute apartment laws during her childhood.

The alive appellation of A Raisin in the Sun was originally ‘The Crystal Stair’ afterwards a band in an beforehand composition by Langston Hughes, who was accession African American playwright, poet, novelist, and abbreviate adventure writer. Hansberry concluded up alteration the appellation of her comedy again, afterwards accession one of Langston Hughes’ afterwards poems, which asked:

“What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?

Or aggravate like a sore-and again run?

Does it fetor like rotten meat?

Or band and amoroso over-like a dank sweet?

Maybe it aloof sags like a abundant load.

Or does it explode” (Hughes)?

Produced and accomplished in 1957, the comedy A Raisin in the Sun, was the aboriginal ball by a atramentous woman to be produced on Broadway. It took two years afterwards it was finished, on March 1959, for the comedy to be appear on Broadway at the Ethyl Barrymore Theater. From there, the Broadway assembly confused to the Belasco theatre and ran for 530 performances, area it started earning abounding awards. This comedy is altered in abounding aspects and covers abounding important issues. The comedy was altered because it was the aboriginal comedy to be produced on Broadway, accounting and directed by an African American and the aboriginal to acquire an all-black cast. The comedy acquired huge success alike admitting the producer, Phil Rose, had never produced a play, and ample investors were initially not absorbed in it. In all the places the comedy was shown, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, the audiences absolutely admired it and anon thereafter it became a huge success. With its huge success and fame, it concluded up accepting a connected run in amphitheater and was afterwards angry into a cine and afterwards that, was afterwards angry into a Broadway musical.

The play, A Raisin in the Sun, is important in abounding altered aspects of accustomed life. With Lorraine Hansberry growing up how she did, in the adjacency and time, she knew all about disappointment, apocryphal achievement and despair. Hansberry’s ancestors additionally knew about the adamantine times with exploitations, despair, frustrations and their dreams axis into abominable nightmares as they came arctic to hopefully acquisition a bigger life. Hansberry annal the history of her ancestor’s nightmares in a Raisin in the Sun, by assuming a archetypal adventure of the Younger family, disturbing to apprehend their dreams by artifice ghetto life. Hansberry’s cine shows the adventure of the Younger family, but it absolutely reveals the plight of all families and individuals who acquire at one point accomplished or those who are active appropriate now, in despair, acquire absent achievement in their activity and acquire bootless dreams and goals. Her immense adherence to this play, gives it its ability for all bodies who apprehend it and for those who end up ambidextrous with it in accustomed life. This comedy is an accomplished best for abounding altered types of classes such as, literature, drama, history and blur classes. The comedy will accumulate the absorption of abounding altered types of bodies based off of the play’s action, dialogue, and casting of activating characters which allure abounding altered types of audiences from aerial academy acceptance through academy acceptance up to the developed readers. Boyish bodies abide abounding altered frustrations with their affairs and insubordinate adjoin parents which can accompany little delight at times. However, the boyish who wants to absolutely acquire that dreams do appear accurate and are not fabricated up, comes from the boyish who is ambuscade below the contemptuous surface, authoritative the affection exhausted of the accurate idealist.

“Through Hansberry’s accurate craftsmanship, the accepted capacity of the accent of dreams and the annoyance of dreams deferred, the backbone of family, the accent of not affairs out, the problems of adverse expectations, the acceptance that adulation and assurance will win over ambidexterity and selfishness, and the dangers of ageism and stereotyping are as able today as they were about four decades ago back she wrote the play” (TeacherVision).

Adolescents appear from abounding altered families, with altered types of problems and ancestors structures, so they charge acknowledgment to the ethics which are apparent aural a acceptable family, and this comedy delivers that afterwards lecturing or preaching. Accession acumen A Raisin in the Sun is important is because of its actual value. The comedy shows the challenges and conflicts by absorption the annoying natures through the ancestral attitudes through time, starting about the 1950s authoritative its way to the present. Ageism is apparent in abounding forms, and the characters in Hansberry’s comedy forth with the screenplay’s visuals accompany this affair to activity like annihilation anytime could.

              This comedy represents activity in the ancestral or indigenous association in abounding altered and altered ways. The comedy is advised a axis abode in American art because it addresses so abounding important issues and conflicts back this comedy was produced during the 1950s. The 1950s brought forth the academic age of the blessed housewives and portrayed the African Americans as actuality adequate with their inferior status. These stereotypes resulted in the amusing acerbity that would eventually acquisition accessible articulation in the civilian rights movement and accent in afterwards movements such as the feminist movements of the 1960s. The comedy was additionally a advocate assignment for its time and can be apparent by the way Hansberry created the African American Younger family, by assuming one of the aboriginal absolute and honest depictions of a atramentous ancestors on an American stage.  Usually in a play, groups or alone African-Americans were consistently portrayed in the archetypal indigenous academic roles and were displayed as baby and comedic but this comedy all-embracing portrays a affiliated atramentous ancestors in a astute light, which ends up actuality far from the comedic appearance which best bodies may anticipate of. Hansberry uses atramentous accent throughout the comedy and introduces important issues, questions and apropos which abounding alternative families during this time and alike during the present day and time run into, such as poverty, discrimination, and the conception of African-American ancestral identity. This comedy looks at the ancestral tensions amid the atramentous and white communities in accession to exploring the tensions aural the atramentous association itself. This can be apparent back the ancestors tries to ability their goals admitting the challenges of abjection and racism all about them, by putting a bottomward acquittal on a abode in an all-white suburb adjacency and anon afterwards this, the ancestors is hit with racism in an abnormal anatomy from the white community. Throughout the play, Hansberry asks difficult and anticipation afflictive questions about assimilation and addition out ones accurate identity. One way this is shown, is through absolute Beneatha to a trend of adulatory African heritage, through the appearance of Asagai (her admirer and maybe approaching husband). Accession important affair this comedy represents is how it addresses feminist questions about accession important issue, marriage. The affair of alliance comes up for Beneatha in this comedy appear the end, which Hansberry portrays as not actuality all-important for all women and that every women should acquire aggressive career goals instead of giving up on their dreams afore they acquire a adventitious to action for their own claimed dreams. Hansberry additionally approaches an aborticide debate, which is affected on during a time back aborticide was not accustomed and is still causing affair and a lot of arguable allocution today. Accepting this comedy accounting during the time aeon and actuality produced back it was, was such a huge success for addition with her cachet as actuality young, atramentous and a woman growing up in the 1950s. This showed how abundant she overcame as a woman, how abundant bodies were starting to acquire change and how bodies started compassionate important capacity which bare to be addressed during this time. No amount the age, chase or gender of a person, it shows aloof how important the celebrity of a distinct person’s, chase and gender is in the following of dreams and aloof how acute dreams are in an individual’s life. As the comedy focuses primarily on dreams and what happens to the dreams in active and affective the capital character’s actions, affections and animosity throughout the play, it additionally reveals what happens to bodies out in the absolute world. Any abrogating dreams that appear in an individual’s life, no amount the age, gender or chase of a person, assume to axis from the actuality that bodies are agreement accent and accent on altar rather than on ancestors pride and happiness. Like the capital point of this comedy says, if anybody attempts to abutment and animate their family, and not alone absorption on themselves and actuality selfless, they can lift anniversary alternative up and abutment anniversary alternative through the toughest of times. This can appear if you never accord up achievement on anniversary alternative and never accord up on your own dreams.

              This comedy focuses on above issues such as racism amid white and atramentous communities, abortion, marriage, assimilation and award one’s accurate appearance but in the end the comedy boils bottomward to a around-the-clock point; dreams are what accomplish anniversary person, white or black, advance on in activity in adjustment to alive anniversary day like it was their last. A Raisin in the Sun is central, in the connected agitation over ancestral and gender concerns, authoritative this comedy a analytical cultural certificate in an capital aeon of American history.

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