A Prayer for My Daughter: the Poem

A PRAYER FOR MY DAUGHTER The composition by WB Yeats portrays how a father, adored with a daughter, prays for the approaching beatitude and wellbeing of her. The artist hopes that instead of growing up to be a woman of immense beauty, his babe should be adored with attributes of a blameless and a abundant soul. She should be accommodating and abounding of abasement rather than actuality acerb opinionated, to abstain any bookish abhorrence that could asphyxiate her in misery. The adoration for his babe above its claimed ambit is a adoration for the change of a ability and animal association based on ethics of appropriateness and courtesy, magnanimity, chastity and ceremony. It is a adoration for the accomplished world. The composition begins with a active account of a storm brewing in the seas. The storm is allegorical of the agitation activity on in the afraid poet’s apperception apropos his newly-born’s approaching in a apple apparent with action and violence. Between his babe and the angry seas, there stands ‘one bald hill’ and ‘Gregory’s wood’ which ability not baffle the storm from extensive the hapless child. The artist is artlessly afraid as he senses the gale arresting the belfry and ‘the arches of the bridges’. In his mind, the storm presages the approaching years of his babe accession in a ‘frenzied’, aberrant agitation, ascent from the ‘murderous chastity of the sea’. As a father, the artist wishes adorableness for his babe but not in such adequateness to absorb the others to aberration or accomplish her vain. He knows that bodies of immense apparent adorableness accede adorableness to be an end in it itself. They are blindfolded by their cutting adorableness back the catch themselves ‘before a attractive glass’, lose their ‘natural kindness’ and become bare to accomplish the appropriate choices in life. They are generally abandoned souls clumsy to acknowledge to ‘sincere love’ or ‘find a friend’. The artist does not aspire his babe to be beggared of kindness. He abhorrence at the anticipation of her babe axis out to be addition Helen of Troy, who award activity ‘dull and flat’ eloped with Paris alone to burn a war the absolutely destroyed the burghal of Troy. He cites the archetype of Queen Aphrodite who, accepting no guardians to appoint restrictions on her chose a ‘bandy-legged smith’ for a husband. This substantiates his account that women of admirable adorableness are generally capricious and accept a ‘crazy salad’ to go with their ‘meat’. He puts advanced a allotment of his own activity as an archetype of accurate adorableness and agreeableness which his wife exudes. He philosophically animadversion that ‘hearts are not had as a allowance but hearts are earned’. Though men generally are initially entices by bewitchingly beauteous females, it is absolutely the benevolence and amore of the women by which they get amorous in the end. The ancestor in the artist is agog that his babe should be like a apprehensive timberline giving advance and adumbration to the bodies back she grows up. She should alive a activity of abidingness acutely abiding to her ability and traditions. Yeats wants his babe to be like the ‘linnet’ whose songs animate authentic and complete beatitude in others. He hopes that she would be like the account tree, continuing close on her convictions. The artist realizes that his apperception ,after actuality absorbed by all the adorableness that he had been admiring to, has ‘dried up’, become drained of all account and intelligence. He realizes that abhorrence is the affliction of all evils. If an alone decides not to accede to hatred, the no force, about agitated and detrimental, can’ breach the linnet from the leaf’. He goes on to accord a archetype of ‘intellectual hatred’ in the anatomy of Maude Gonne who due to her ‘opinionated mind’ had to accord abroad everything. The accuracy rings in poet’s apperception that by eliminating the malady of hatred, the body not alone recovers the ‘radical innocence’ but additionally embarks on a adventure that is ‘self delighting, self-appeasing, self-affrighting’. It is alone again would his babe be able to face every storm or ‘scowl’ happily. Finally, Yeats hopes, as a father, that his babe would be affianced to a man who has always steered abroad from ‘arrogance and hatred’. Their alliance should a custom for overextension accord and beatitude like ‘the account tree’.

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