A Poison Tree Poem by William Blake

Honors English IV December 11, 2009 The affair of "A Poison Tree" by William Blake is about acrimony and anger. If one were affronted with a friend, that acrimony would eventually subside; if one were affronted with a foe, however, and if larboard absolved or larboard to simmer that acrimony would not abate and would grow. His composition offers acumen into what acrimony does if one "watered it in fears, / Night and morning with [their] tears; / and sunned it with smiles, / and with bendable artful wiles" (547 l. -10 Wood). The composition is adapted for Songs of Experience and not Songs of Innocence because it portrays article that accouchement do not do: seethe with acrimony for a continued aeon of time. Accouchement absolve and balloon easily, adults do not. Adults tend to authority grudges and seethe with acrimony until article interrupts it or changes it, but accouchement accept simpler minds and appropriately simpler aspects of acrimony that may not aftermost a continued time. The capacity and images of "Composed aloft Westminster Bridge, September 3, 1802" by William Wordsworth classifies him as a archetypal Romantic artist of his time. Wordsworth shows alone the adorableness of London and uses simple accent to get his point across. The above affair of the composition is nature, and he alone shows the adorableness of the landscape, not the defalcation and carrion that absolutely was London during the Industrial Revolution. Wordsworth transfigures the accuracy with his imagination, adage that aggregate was "all ablaze and bright in the smokeless air" (560 l. 8 Wood) back absolutely the burghal was ridden with abuse and smog. Wordsworth additionally shows and complete faculty of awe for the adorableness of what he is seeing, and turns abroad aggregate that is "ugly" about it. Wordsworth sees alone the adorableness of attractive from a arch in the morning and turns abroad all the bad things accompanying to the bodies of the area, a appropriate of a Romantic.

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