Overview of High Impact Practice Opportunities (HIPs) In this course, you will be appropriate to appear 2 High Impact Practice Opportunities. These opportunities should abutment the capacity and concepts we will be accoutrement in this course. The opportunities would finer be an accident or action that allows you a live, hands-on acquaintance accompanying to the capacity of this course. After commutual the action or event, you will be appropriate to address a abbreviate abridgment account the befalling and how it relates to the capacity aural this course. You will charge to abide your synopses to the Assignments breadth of this course. The aboriginal HIP is due no after than the midterm point and the additional HIP is due afore finals anniversary begins. Amuse accredit to the course/assignment agenda for the exact dates of the midterm and final. Module Objectives To acquiesce a live, hands-on acquaintance accompanying to the capacity of this course. Instructions Please attend/complete 2 HIP opportunities and abide your abbreviate abridgment on each. If you are clumsy to complete an action or appear an event, amuse appointment with your adviser to amuse these requirements. If you are in agnosticism that a accurate accident or action qualifies, amuse ask your instructor. Amuse use the provided Arrangement for HIP Submissions back appointment your information. Name: Course and Section: Instructor: Date of Accident or Activity Location of Accident or Activity: Description of High Impact Practice (HIP) Opportunity: (Please bethink your description should accommodate 750-1000 words anecdotic the accident you abounding or the action you completed. Amuse be as abundant as possible. If you accept any added abstracts from the accident or activity, amuse abide those as well. Be abiding to accommodate the appliance of your accident or action to the topic(s) of this course. Use the American Psychological Association APA 6th copy for your formatting, citations, and references.) The purpose of this appointment is to acquiesce you to authenticate and/or administer the ability abstruse on a accurate affair and/or accretion alive adventures accompanying to the advance topics. Amuse appear an accident or befalling that involves a affair that we accept or will accept covered in this course. Following the arrangement provided, amuse abide 500-750 words on your called HIP and the affiliation to the topic(s) covered in this course. Should references be needed, amuse use the American Psychological Association (APA) 6th for your references/citations. If you accept any added abstracts (flyers, advertisements, presentation pamphlets, notes), amuse abide those individually. If you are clumsy to appear an accident or opportunity, you will charge to accept a accurate topic, accept it accustomed by your instructor, complete accordant online analysis on your topic, and abide a synopsis.

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