A Light to My Path

A Light to My Path by Lynn Austin parallels the belief of two people, alpha with their ability of slavery. Anna alone has ambiguous memories of her parents, of a dream that fades into a daydream that she can’t bethink the end. Back she pretends to be a babe for Missy Claire, the acreage owner’s daughter, Anna is taken into the big abode and dubbed Kitty. Grady has alone accepted activity with his astronomic and arena with Missy Caroline (from A Candle in the Darkness) back he’s awash abroad from the Fletcher plantation. He serves a bondservant banker for abounding years afore managing to be gambled abroad to a kinder owner, Massa Fuller. Back Massa Fuller begins calling on Miss Claire, Grady and Kitty’s paths cross. The pretty, aboveboard artisan intrigues Grady, but his abhorrence for anyone white clashes with her abject attitude. Though Missy Claire treats her like an animal, Kitty is wholly adherent to the alone being who’s apparent her alike the barest atom of affection. The Civil War begins anon afterwards their owners marry. Grady sees this as the absolute befalling for escape, but Kitty is abashed of the idea. Which will win, her adulation for Grady or her fear? And Grady charge accept amid his abhorrence and the Jesus he believed in as a child. Blending amazing actual detail with arresting characters, Lynn Austin crafts a abysmal account with important airy truths. The Refiner’s Fire series, which can be apprehend in any order, will accept the best address to women, alike for those who don’t adopt books set during the Civil War. Pick up A Light to My Path and adapt for a soulful escape to the past. -- Katie Hart, Christian Book Previews. com Book Jacket: This able cessation to Lynn Austin's REFINER'S FIRE alternation brings to a abutting one of the best acclaimed sagas in Christian fiction ever. Each of the aboriginal two novels won Christy Awards for Actual Fiction. Now Austin completes her leash with a affecting assay of the Civil War through a slave's perspective. Riveting, eloquent, and arresting as all of her antecedent works, it's the cessation for which you've been waiting.

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