A Letter from Buddha to his Disciple

You accept asked of me for advice in how to alleviate your ancestor of his sickness. I acknowledge that your ancestor is a acceptable and angelic man and you are adored to accept had a acceptable man for a father. But I cannot booty abroad his pain. That is article that no one can absolutely do for if there is annihilation that is connected in every person's life, it is suffering. Activity is suffering. That is one of the blue-blooded truths. Apprentice this and it can aloof be the actual affair that would accompany you, your family, and alike your ancestor enlightenment. Also bethink that abracadabra and miracles promised by magicians will do you no acceptable for it is adjoin the Laws of Afterlife and can alone accompany harm. I accept apparent the adversity and anamorphosis acquired by ache and the anguish acquired by man's mortality. (Moore-Brooder, 2005, p. 499) Absolutely if one would analyze the activity I led with my ancestors one would say I am absolutely advantaged by the gods. Back I was adolescent I lived a activity abounding of pleasures and carnal vices. But it can be a absurdity on how one's blessings are authentic by affliction and suffering. It was alone afterwards address attestant to the abounding instances and forms of suffering, that I approved accomplishment of my actuality and ultimately, enlightenment. Man's activity is abridged after pain. Alike from the time of bearing both mother and adolescent acquaintance pain. But already one has transcended pain, he becomes a new man and thus, reborn. I accord you my adventure of the mother Gotami-tissa whose son succumbed to disease. (Morgan, 1956, p. 23) She went from aperture to aperture gluttonous a phenomenon that would accompany aback her son's activity always actuality told that such a affair was impossible. She came to me for help, wringing her easily and prostrating herself so that I may accompany her son aback to life. I asked her for alacrity seeds. Not aloof any accustomed alacrity seed, but she charge aggregate seeds that came from homes that remained clear by affliction and death. After on she came aback to me and accepted that she was clumsy to get any berry for all the homes she visited accept accomplished death. Afterlife is not a accident appropriate to aloof one person. It is certain and constant. By compassionate this, she was convalescent of her affliction and has been able to abide active as a new woman. In my article I accept always mentioned man's mortality, his impermanence. Nothing on apple is abiding alternative than death. Its stealth is allegorical and one never absolutely knows back it will come. I appetite you my son, to convenance dharma in adjustment that your activity may be accomplished and adequate from bad karma. For if you do no wrong, why should there be consequences? Today we see abounding bodies accomplishing aggregate aural their ability to attain their ambition. Some may conceivably acumen out "it is not so wrong" but truly, if one would like to alive on the ancillary of right, one has to accept absolutely amid appropriate or amiss after compromise. Live in abandon and conduct to absolutely adore the allowance that is life. Bad things are constant. Adversity is constant. The alone affair you can absolutely ascendancy and accretion ability of is yourself. Apprentice to booty the average aisle in activity for it is the way to happiness. Know that a activity of extremes is bad and will ultimately accompany added suffering. I admonish you to apprentice to attending aural yourself and advance an compassionate and accepting of what goes on about you. Aiming to change others can sometimes be a abortive practice. I myself can advise what I accept abstruse and woken up to realize, yet accurate broad-mindedness can alone appear from aural a being himself. Some may conceivably say, I will seek broad-mindedness after or I accept approved to accept activity afore but failed. But accomplished abortion is accomplished and the approaching is ambiguous in abounding ways. Indeed, it can appear that tomorrow or after in the day may be all of what charcoal of the future. Seek broad-mindedness now, and admire the moment. So back afterlife comes, you do not affliction nor do you accept abhorrence of the abutting activity for you die with ability of accepting lived not aloof a acceptable life, but a angelic one. - Buddha References Morgan, K. W. (Ed. ). (1956). The Aisle of the Buddha Buddhism Interpreted by Buddhists. New York: Ronald Press. Retrieved September 23, 2007, from Questia database: http://www. questia. com/PM. qst? a=o&d=5883323 Moore-Bruder. (2005). Philosophy: The Ability of Ideas, Sixth Edition Ohio: McGraw-Hill Carrithers, M. (2001). The Buddha: A Actual Short Introduction. Oxford, England: Oxford University Press. Retrieved September 23, 2007, from Questia database: http://www. questia. com/PM. qst? a=o&d=101647070

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