A Good Man Is Hard to Find: Irony

“A Acceptable Man is Adamantine to Find” In the abbreviate story, “A Acceptable Man is Adamantine to Find” there is irony all through the pages. It shows how you should chase your gut aptitude back you anticipate you shouldn’t go somewhere, back you apperceive article bad is activity to happen. In the adventure it additionally talks about how the grandmother wore her nice clothes in case of an accident, she capital to attending like a adult in case annihilation bad was to happen. The grandmother was consistently talking about the acceptable in people, but was she a acceptable woman? The aboriginal bit of irony the adventure throws at the clairvoyant is on the aboriginal folio back the grandmother is talking about how she doesn’t appetite to go to Florida because that’s area the Misfit is headed. As the grandmother is aggravating to get her son Bailey to accept as she says, “The Misfit is aloose from the Federal Pen and headed against Florida and you apprehend actuality what it says he did to these people. Aloof you apprehend it. I wouldn’t booty my accouchement in any administration with a bent like that aloose in it. I couldn’t acknowledgment to my censor if I did” (O’Connor 281). Now I don’t accept that the acrid aberration is that the misfit was headed to Florida aloof like the family, I accept that the aberration is that the Misfit aloof so appear be on the aforementioned clay alley that the grandmother asked her son Bailey to about-face bottomward afterwards on in the story. The grandmother capital to about-face bottomward this clay alley in Georgia because she remembered an old acreage abode she had visited back she was younger. Afterwards axis bottomward the alley she again remembered that this was not the alley at all, the old acreage abode she had remembered was in Tennessee, not Georgia. The additional above acrid aberration that stood out to me was how the grandmother wore acceptable clothes to go on a alley trip, “In case of an accident, anyone seeing her asleep on the artery would apperceive at already she was a lady” (O’Connor 282). The grandmother wore a fleet dress with a harbinger hat that had white violets on it. Absolutely the grandmother was dressed like a lady, but did she act aloft it at all times? I anticipate she did aloof that, I accept she acted like a adult but was not absolutely one. Grandmothers cat acquired Bailey to accept an accident. …as the grandmother limped out of the car, her hat still affianced to her arch but the burst advanced border continuing up at a airy bend and the violet aerosol blind off the side” (O’Connor 287). At this point is back I accept that the grandmother acts as if she is a lady. If she was a accurate adult again maybe her clothes would not accept been messed up, or there wouldn’t accept been an blow at all. But there is still that allotment of anticipation about how the grandmother knew to dress in case of an accident. The final bit of irony is how the grandmother kept talking about acceptable men, and how they are adamantine to find. Back the ancestors stops at the booth to eat she talks to Red Sammy and his wife about how adamantine acceptable men are adamantine to find, but again she additionally tells Red Sammy that he is a acceptable man because he let a brace of men allegation gas. Red Sammy’s wife says there isn’t no one that she can trust, “‘And I don’t calculation cipher out of that, not nobody,’ she repeated, attractive at Red Sammy” (O’Connor 285). After they bones a car shows up with The Misfit and his two ancillary bliss in it, who about-face out not to be acceptable men. The grandmother realizes absolute anon that the man is The Misfit, she accustomed him from the account in the newspaper. Anon afterwards accession Bobby Lee takes Bailey and his son John Wesley into the dupe to annihilate them. The grandmother went on about how the Misfit could be a acceptable man, and how he should pray. The Misfit told her that his ancestors was acceptable people, he aloof wasn’t. Soon Bobby Lee and Hiram took the childrens mother, June Star, and the babyish to the dupe to accommodated up with the boys. The grandmother again accomplished that she charge anticipate of article soon, because she would be next. They started talking about Jesus and how he did or didn’t accession the dead. The Misfit said that if he didn’t apperceive but if he would accept been there he would accept accepted bigger and wouldn’t be the way he is now. “Why you’re one of my own babies. You’re one of my own children! ” (O’Connor 293). After the grandmother said that she affected him on the accept and the Misfit angry about and attempt her three times in the chest. This was a abundant abbreviate adventure for irony, because the grandmother was actual about best things. The grandmother knew not to go appear Florida because The Misfit was headed that way afterwards artifice from the pen. She was appropriate about bathrobe like a adult in case of an accident, because absolutely there was an accident, but she acquired the blow by bringing her cat forth after anyone knowing. Then there is allege of a acceptable man, is there any such thing? Red Sammy’s wife wouldn’t alike anticipate of him as a acceptable man, if your wife doesn’t accept you are no one absolutely can. The Misfit comes forth and talks to the grandmother for a while about acceptable people, while accomplishing so shoots her ancestors again her dead. ‘“She would accept been a acceptable woman,” The Misfit said, “if it had been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life”’ (O’Connor 293). This goes with my acceptance that the grandmother was aloof acting like a lady, and The Misfit alike saw through her lies.

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