A Good Man essay

Misfit : Absolutely round. He is a murderer. He lacks aloofness for best of the family, but he takes time to allocution to the grandmother. He is from a "good" ancestors and seems to apperceive how to allocution the allocution of a acceptable southern boy. He absolutely seems affected by the grandmother's words, yet he is bound repulsed by his apathy. He about seemed like he was activity to advice out the abandoned ancestors until they reccognized them. The grandma is an archetype of a round/dynamic appearance because she has assorted ancestry and her appearance changes during the story. She is caring because she does not appetite to leave the cat at home be itself, in abhorrence that the cat will get hurt. Also, she is caution, admonishing her son about the acceleration absolute and not to beat the absolute because patrolmen are ambuscade in adjustment to bolt law breakers. She is advertent and appreciates the simple things in life, such as “stone mountain; the dejected granite… the ablaze red adobe banks…” On the way, she spots a “little Negro child” on the ancillary of the alley and she said “if I could paint, I’d acrylic that picture,” which shows her sincerity. The grandma is additionally funny, back John Wesley asked “where’s the plantation? ” she responded, “Gone with the wind. ” The grandmother is admiring appear the earth; she did not let the accouchement bandy the box and the cardboard napkins out the window. At times she feels ashamed because of the way her grandchildren acts. The grandmother starts off black again she became emotional. Addition round/dynamic appearance is the Misfit. Back the Misfit aboriginal encounters the family, he greets them with “Good afternoon. ” Back the grandmother “began to cry” the “Misfit reddened. This shows that the Misfit has benevolence appear the grandmother that in seeing her cry he feels guilty. He sees the grandmother agitated so he tries to abundance her by cogent her “don’t you get upset. Sometimes a man says affair he don’t mean. I don’t account he meant to allocution to you thataway. ” At one point, the Misfit apologizes to the grandmother and the babe in law for actuality shirtless in-front of them. The Misfit seems like a caring guy, but in the end he is a barbarian. He had the son, the babe in law, and the two accouchement killed. In the end, he shoots the grandmother “three times through the chest. ” Collapsed characters accept alone one or two apparent traits, and these ancestry do not change. Static character, abide the aforementioned throughout the anecdotal In contrast, June brilliant and John Wesley are flat/static characters. Throughout the accomplished anecdotal both June Brilliant and John Wesley are abrupt and has no manner. Aboriginal of all, they never alarm the grandmother by her name or “grandmother,” they alone alarm her “she. ” The address in which the accouchement allege to the grandmother shows their abridgement of account and their rudeness. When the grandmother did not appetite to go to Florida, John Wesley said “If you don’t appetite to go to Florida, why dontcha break at home? ” and June Brilliant said “She wouldn’t break at home for a actor bucks” “Afraid she’d absence something. She has to go everywhere we go. ” At the restaurant, the buyer wife asked June Star, “would you like to appear be my little girl? ” and June Brilliant responded, “No I absolutely wouldn’t,” “I wouldn’t alive in a burst bottomward abode like this for a actor bucks! ” which fabricated the grandmother embarrassed. In the car, the accouchement was babble and agreeable at their parents until they get their way. The acumen to accept round/dynamic and flat/static characters is so that they can belie one another. If a anecdotal alone has one appearance blazon again the anecdotal won’t be as agreeable to the readers. The round/dynamic characters add action to the anecdotal because these characters are unpredictable, one never knows what they are activity to say or do by Text-Enhancenext. On the alternative hand, the flat/static characters are boring. They are artlessly there to accomplish the anecdotal complete by accepting varies characters. The altered characters types in a anecdotal acquiesce the clairvoyant to analyze and adverse the characters The Misfit[-;0], from Flannery O'Connor[->1]'s abbreviate adventure blue-blooded A Acceptable Man Is Hard to Find[-;2], seems to me to be a actual astute character. Although the reader's aboriginal consequence of him is actual abundant a stereotype, O'Connor causes his appearance to be the alone angled one amid a accumulation of flat[-;3], apparent people. His absoluteness is paradoxically acute added by the anticipated artifice she puts him into. This absolutely reflects on the apologue that O'Connor is application aural the story. O'Connor intends A Acceptable Man Is Hard to Find to be the abstraction of a acutely conflicted character. The Misfit wants on one akin to be good, or to be known[-;4] as good, but he can't rationalize abroad or abstracted himself from his actions. At the aforementioned time as he's active a family, he's aggravating to explain why he's alone accomplishing what is necessary[-;5]. He additionally seems to feel some blazon of affiliation with the grandmother, as if they're both basically of the aforementioned substance[->6], about antithetical their lives accept been. After account through the abbreviate adventure a few times, I accomplished that the Misfit is meant to betoken Satan[->7]. His assuming as a misfit, murderer, bluff and able captive are aloof the best accessible similarities amid the two beings. Both his revelations about himself and his attraction with Jesus Christ[->8] buck out this comparison,. ->0] - http://everything2. com/title/The+Misfit [->1] - http://everything2. com/title/Flannery+O%2527Connor [->2] - http://everything2. com/title/A+Good+Man+Is+Hard+to+Find [->3] - http://everything2. com/title/flat [->4] - http://everything2. com/title/known [->5] - http://everything2. com/title/necessary [->6] - http://everything2. com/title/the+same+substance [->7] - http://everything2. com/title/Satan [->8] - http://everything2. com/title/Jesus+Christ

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