A Good Leader: Odysseus and Gilgamesh

Strength, assurance and adherence are a few examples of characteristics, which a baton should possess. Characteristics of a acceptable baton may alter in the eye of the beholder, however, I acquire that all-embracing there are a few qualities that are alarmingly important. Throughout a person’s life, the adventures they abide appearance them and body them into an individual. Like the lugals in Mesopotamia, it is a leaders obligation to assure and serve. In the Mycenaean acculturation the Wanax stood at the top of their amusing ladder. In the Odyssey, Odysseus would be a Wanax because he endemic an absolute belted commonwealth or palace. Both Odysseus and Gilgamesh were looked up to as leaders. Aback asked if they were acknowledged leaders, I was a bit stuck. After some thought, though, I came to the cessation that I acquire both Odysseus and Gilgamesh were acknowledged leaders. They were not consistently acknowledged leaders, but their adventures and adventures molded them into reliable men. Our aboriginal glance of Odysseus is aback Telemakhos speaks of him to Athena. (Odyssey 8-9). He explains that he would rather acquire a ancestor who is blessed and growing old in his abode rather than one with a abstruse and alarming life. This is the aboriginal archetype of why I acquire Odysseus started out as a bad leader. Although he was off fighting, adjoin his wishes, he absent acquaintance with the bodies he cared about the most, and fell off the radar. I acquire that, as a leader, he should acquire been able to somehow get into acquaintance with his ancestors and acquaint them that he was okay. Aback comparing our aboriginal consequence of Gilgamesh to Odysseus, we see addition who is acutely different. Odysseus had a admiring ancestors and a loyal wife. In contrast, Gilgamesh was egocentric and accomplished the celebrity he anticipation he deserved. He was on the coursing for aeon and in accomplishing so, deserted his burghal or Uruk to biking with his acquaintance Enkidu. A acknowledged baton should never spontaneity his or her people. One archetype that contrasts Odysseus’ affection of administration can be apparent by attractive at his crew. None of his associates survived. A acknowledged baton should consistently lead, assure and acquire account from their aggregation and in abounding means the associates of his aggregation were disobedient. When Odysseus and his aggregation catholic to the island of Helios he abnormally said to his men not to blow the beasts (Odyssey 219-220). Aback Odysseus fell into a sleep, Eurylokhos, Odysseus’ capital affiliate of the crew, assertive the men to annihilate one of the beasts for aliment (Odyssey 221). Disobedience shows disrespect, and aback the associates of your aggregation do not acquire to what you say it shows that they do not booty you seriously. A additional archetype assuming how Odysseus could not ascendancy his aggregation is the bag of wind (Odyssey 166). I acquire that if you are a acknowledged leader, you should be able to ascendancy all of your people, namely your crew. Although Gilgamesh does not acquire a crew, he proves that he lacks the characteristics of a acceptable baton in a few instances. Gilgamesh and Enkidu abduct copse from the cedar forest, which is banned to mortals. This is prime archetype of how Gilgamesh does not affliction about anyone abroad but himself. He is disrespecting the Gods by entering the backwoods and activity alike added by acid bottomward the trees. During this endeavor they additionally annihilate Huwawa, the monster that guards the forest. At aboriginal Gilgamesh flees aback he aboriginal sees the face of Huwawa (Gilgamesh 26). Gilgamesh beat from the face of the demon shows that he was afraid, and no baton should anytime be abashed and appearance it. Another archetype of Gilgamesh defective the qualities of a baton is aback he kills the Bull of Heaven. The goddess Ishtar was in adulation with Gilgamesh and capital to be with him; aback she asks him to be her bedmate he rejects her and she goes beeline to her ancestor and mother, Anu and Antum (Gilgamesh 29-32). Ishtar has her ancestor accelerate the Bull of Heaven bottomward to annihilate Gilgamesh, about Enkidu and Gilgamesh beat the Bull of Heaven and annihilate it. The board of Gods were affronted and appeal that Enkidu charge die in adjustment to pay for the deaths of both Huwawa and the Bull (Gilgamesh 37-38). Betraying the Gods abundant for them to ambition afterlife aloft Enkidu shows that Gilgamesh was absolutely not actuality a admiring mortal, let abandoned leader. Odysseus was a actual base and cunning man. He was able to defeat abounding monsters by out-smarting them. This was not consistently the best way to go about accomplishing victory. Odysseus came aloft the Kyklops while on his adventure with his crew. They were ashore in his cave, and he anticipation of a base plan to get away. Odysseus and his aggregation took a ample pole and poked the Kyklops in the eye. Right afore they did this, however, Odysseus told the Kyklops that his name was Nohbdy. Aback the kyklops ran out of his cavern bellowing in affliction his adolescent Kyklops’ asked who did this to him. “Nohbdy, Nohbdy’s tricked me, Nohbdys’s broke me” (Odyssey 157) was the Kyklops’ reply. This was acutely acute and cunning, and Odysseus would acquire been able to get abroad safe and sound. The adverse allotment occurred aback Odysseus decides to blow his achievement and advertise his absolute name to the Kyklops. A baton should not feel the charge to blow about victories that he or she has earned. Every baton knows that they are able of defeat, and aloof is never article that a acknowledged baton should do. As you can see there are several examples proving that Gilgamesh and Odysseus were not acknowledged leaders from the alpha and throughout their journeys. The ability comes at the end of both novels area I acquire the leaders fabricated a change in their aisle for the better. Aback Odysseus and Telemakhos accommodated up they apperceive that they charge now defeat the suitors and accretion the alcazar aback as their own. Odysseus was bearded as a beggar so that he was able to go into the alcazar and get accessible for the defeat of the suitors. You could already acquaint that he was starting to change aback one of the suitors angered him on actuality a beggar, and not actuality worthy. Normally Odysseus ability acquire appear whom he absolutely was in adjustment to prove his excellence, about he did not assume phased by it. From there Telemakhos and Odysseus defeated all of the suitors and claimed that palace, as it should be. Odysseus was aback area he belonged, and accessible to aphorism his bodies like he should acquire been accomplishing from the start. Gilgamesh on the alternative duke was analytic not for his way home, but for immortality. After Gilgamesh’s continued adventure he comes to the ability that afterlife is inevitable. He abstruse from his allocution with Utnapishtim that aeon cannot be becoming aback you are aggravating to get it. In his case, Utnapishtim was not attractive for aeon aback he congenital that ark. He was architecture the ark because he was told to and aeon was awarded to him as a reward. Afterlife is article that cannot be avoided, and that he should aloof apprentice to acquire that. Gilgamesh again assuredly accomplished what he had done to his people. Because he was so captivated up in the glory, fame, and aeon he was aggravating to ability he gave up on article that was a allotment of him. Gilgamesh knew at that moment that he bare to biking aback to Uruk and aphorism his bodies the way that they adapted to be ruled. In my assessment I acquire that the end of both men’s journeys is the best important part. Yes, they were absolutely not acknowledged leaders for best of the adventure about the realizations at the end meant the most. Aback they accomplished that they let their bodies bottomward they knew they bare to change. It shows that they will be there for them from now on, and be the best leaders they can be. I additionally acquire that with the obstacles they over came forth the way acquaint were learned. Every best amateur has to over appear bad competitions, injuries, and bumps in the alley in adjustment for them to be at the top of the podium, and a acknowledged baton has to do the exact aforementioned thing.

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