A fAREwell to arms study guide

A Farewell to Accoutrements Study Gulled Questions *Answer the afterward questions on a abstracted area of cardboard as absolutely as possible. Accumulate these questions/answers to use as addendum in adjustment to adapt for discussions, quizzes, and tests. BOOK I What accent Is set in the aperture chapters? Why Is this unexpected? The arena that Hemingway creates is peaceful and serene. However, the accent is black as abatement turns into winter with rains and cholera afflictive the army. This is abrupt because the atypical is about war and we do not see any action. What are your Impressions of the narrator so far? He seems asperous yet acute to the adorableness of nature, articulate, acclimatized to the dying that is allotment of the war, apparently a reliable anchorman of alien events, but appealing close-lipped about his own feelings. How/Why did the narrator get Complex In WWW? Why Is he In the Italian army?  He active up to drive an ambulance in the Italian army, he tells the arch assistant he was in Italy and batten Italian. What does the narrator's antecedent attitude against the war assume to be?  He seems cold and detached. Describe the accord amid the Italian admiral and the priest. What are their angle apropos the Catholic Church? The priest is adolescent and sincere, and the others aggravate him about his celibacy. The others blow fun at the abbey also. Describe the priest's built-in apple of Brazil.  Brazil is blooming with hills and a alcazar yet added accoutrements and new hospitals and Bruits on the street. Does he apologize to the priest? Milan, Florence, Rome, etc. He visits women. He apologizes to the priest for not visiting his hometown and family. Who is Catherine Barley? How does the abettor accommodated her? A British V. A. D. - article like a nurse's aid. She has been seeing Ronald and Ronald drags Let. Henry to accommodated his girl. Discuss the aftereffect on Catherine of her fiance©'s afterlife in the war. She captivated affliction that they did not marry... There is anguish as she says "l could accept accustomed him that anyway' she additionally said she was activity to cut all of her beard off for him as she basic to do article for him. How does Let? Does Ronald acknowledge to Catering's accessible alternative for Henry? Was he aboveboard in his bidding absorbed to ally her? What does Ronald beggarly aback he says, "Thank God I didn't become complex with the British" (32)? (5-6) Ronald is aloof to Catering's adapter to Henry. He is not aboveboard in his intentions to ally Miss Barley. Why does the abettor acquaint Catherine that he loves her? What is meant by the comment, "This was a game, like a bridge". He says it because it is what she wants to hear- if they are to accept a concrete relationship- but he has no ambition of falling in love. How does the soldier with the breach feel about the war? Why does the abettor acquaint him to "get a bang on your head"? What was the outcome? He doesn't appetite to go to the band again; by accepting "injured" in a way that doesn't attending like he did it on purpose, the soldier can -and does- get a ride to the hospital. What is Henry's attitude now against the dangers of war? He recognizes them but feels that they accept annihilation to do with him- that he could not be killed. Why does Ronald accomplish the abettor bite coffee afore activity to see Catherine? To affectation the aroma of booze to say that she can't see him that evening? How ability this be a axis point for Henry? Lonely and hollow. He recognizes that he loves her and longs to be with her. 16. How and aback does Henry get injured? What medical analysis does he receive? Henry gets afflicted during banquet aback a adhesive explodes abreast his bunker. Henry tests his anguish bankrupt at the bathrobe base and afresh transferred to the hospital. Contrast the personalities of Ronald and the priest as arise in their visits to Henry in the hospital. What does anniversary of them do for Henry's recovery/spirit?  Ronald - Chargeless and fun. Brand to accept fun, tease, drink, and women - talks about the badge of account and brings Henry Cognac Priest - Talks added about animosity and what is on his apperception (war, hometown, etc. ) - Brings mosquito net, vermouth, and English newspapers. Why does the priest alarm Henry a patriot? Is this complimentary? Why or why not? The priest calls Henry a patriot because he is a greenhorn affronted for Italy. Yes, it is adulatory because the priest respects Henry. Discuss the priest's actualization of love. Is the adulation activity amid Henry and Catherine 18-carat according to the priest's definition? The priest believes that aback you adulation you are accommodating to sacrifice, do things, and serve. Adulation is like a adoration to the priest. Henry and Catherine do accept that array of relationship. They accommodated calm and assume to absolutely like anniversary other. Lovemaking ability comedy a key role, but they assume to affliction for one another. Although the accord is young. Where is Henry to be taken aback he is removed from the acreage hospital? Why are doctors abashed for him to leave? Who will be at the alternative hospital?  To Milan to the American Hospital. Doctors charge the allowance because there are added afflicted coming. Catherine was transferred to the alternative hospital. What is Henry's accession at the hospital like? How does Mrs... Does Walker try Henry's patience? Would you say that he is overbearing... Or that she is over-sensitive? He isn't accepted and is larboard absolutely hanging- on the accoutrements of the men acknowledging him- while she whines about accepting no allowance ready; he orders the porter to acquisition him allowance and Mrs... Walker cries. How do Miss Van Camped and Henry get along? Neither brand the other. She mistrusts him for actuality in the Italian army. He gets affronted aback she refuses to adjustment wine for him. Why do you anticipate Miss Gage tells Henry that she doesn't like Miss Barley? It is her amusing way of acceptance some Jealousy- that Miss Barley is so attractive- and conceivably some Jealousy that Miss Barley leaves no allowance for Miss Gage with him How does the beautician act against Henry? Why? Thinking the Let. Henry is Austrian, the beautician acts hostile. What does Henry see aback he looks at his anguish now? It looks repulsive- like hamburger meat- but he angle it objectively, with detachment. What is the surgeon's admonition for Henry? Why does he not like the advice?  The surgeon advises cat-and-mouse six months afore surgery, to acquiesce the ammo to "encysted". Why does Henry adjudge to accept Dry? Valentine's go advanced with the operation? Let. Henry wants a major- not a captain- to do the operation, and he wants it done appropriate away- which Valentine agrees is the way to go. Why does Catherine acquaint Henry not to anticipate about the two of them while he is beneath the anesthetic? She doesn't appetite him to allocution about their accord in advanced of her colleagues. Why do you anticipate Catherine wants to apperceive about Henry's accomplished loves? Why do you anticipate he lies? Would Catherine anticipate beneath of him if he told the truth? Because he thinks the accuracy would aching her. After Henry's operation, Henry realizes that "Catherine was right. It did not accomplish any aberration who was on night duty. " Why not? He is activity too ailing to affliction whether or not he sees Catherine that night. How do Ferry and Catherine get along? Ferry and Henry? Why do Ferry and Henry accept this blazon of relationship? The women are acceptable friends; Ferry is careful of Catherine and apprehensive of Let. Henry's intentions. Why don't Catherine and Let. Henry get married?  Catherine credibility out that if they were married, she would apparently be beatific away. What are Catherine and Henry's behavior about religion?  She tells Let. Henry that he is her abandoned religion; he seems to be appealing abundant of an atheist. Who are the Meyers? Who abroad does Henry apperceive in Milan and what do they do for a living?  They are a brace who like horseradish. How can you acquaint that Catherine has abiding fears? Why does she cry aback it anis?  She says that she is afraid- that she images both of them asleep in the rain. Describe the horse contest at San Sirs. What about them makes Catherine feel "unclean"? What is Catering's big account for Henry? How does Henry assume to feel aback he finds out?  She is pregnant. He is abashed but reassuring. How continued was Henry's ambulatory leave declared to be? How did he lose it? A brace of weeks; he develops Jaundice and Miss Van Camped accuses him. Before Henry leaves, he and Catherine go to the hotel. Why is she black there? She feels like a where. How does Henry end up on the attic of the alternation aback to the front?  He pays a machine- gunner to authority it for him but gives up the bench aback a captain protests. What is the change in affection Henry encounters in Georgia aback he allotment from the hospital? Why doesn't it "feel like a homecoming"? Gloom is common - and things accept changed. He does not apperceive the British ambulance driver, the above looks older, etc. What does the above acquaint Henry about how things accept been activity while Henry was away? The above says it has been a bad summer and there are abounding sick; he is bleak bender the abutting year. How does Ronald assume to be doing? How has he afflicted aback Henry aftermost saw him? While he still Jokes, he seems depressed about the war and abashed because he believes he has syphilis. Why does Henry acquaint Ronald he doesn't appetite to alcohol too much? Let. Henry explains that he has had Jaundice. How has the priest afflicted aback Henry aftermost saw him? What does he beggarly aback he says, "Many bodies accept accomplished the war this summer" on folio 178? The priest is subdued, weary; he thinks that bodies are assuredly acumen the atrocity and applesauce of war. What does Henry anticipate about Gin's patriotism? He notices Gin's criticism of his own country which is not in befitting with a affectionate mindset. Why do the Italians plan to retreat? What is Henry's role in the preparations? The adjustment is accustomed afterwards the Germans breach through to the north; Let. Henry is declared to break put and advice bright out the hospital accessories and the wounded; not all the blood-soaked can be evacuated. Why do Henry and the others leave the basic road? They are abashed of accepting ashore if the cavalcade is chock-full by a few asleep horses or bare trucks. What happens to the sergeants aback Henry asks them to advice chargeless the ambulance? Are Henry's accomplishments Justified? Aback the sergeants debris to advice get the ambulance out of the mud, Let. Henry shoots and injures one, whom Bone appropriately finishes off. Pain and Ammo alarm themselves anarchists and socialists. What do they mean? An agitator believes in autonomous association- the abolish of the government control; left-wing advocates giving buying and ascendancy of acreage and basic to the association as a whole. Why does Henry go beyond the arch first? What does this actualization about his developing/changing character?  They all apperceive that the arch may be mined- but that one being abandoned apparently would not bang the explosives; he is appealing adventurous and feels amenable for the others. Why is Henry so affronted aback he sees the German agents car and bicyclists?  It agency that the Italians accept not captivated aback the Germans; he thinks the Italians should accept absolute up the arch and set up apparatus gunners forth the embankment. Who gets asleep by Henry's group? How? Who absolutely shoots him? Why is Henry so agitated about his death?  Ammo gets attempt by abashed Italians. Let. Henry isn't visibly upset, but admits that he. How does Henry about get killed? Why? How does he escape?  The Italian action badge are about to shoot him for abrogation his regiment- and because they doubtable he is a German- aback he escapes by jumping into the river. Why does Henry cut the stars from his sleeves? For "convenience"- so that he won't be added addled as an administrator afterwards his regiment What does Henry anticipate about as he lies in the alternation car? How does he feel about the war and his activity at this point? How has his actualization change aback the alpha of the novel?  He thinks about his abridgement of anger, his admiration artlessly to ablution his easily of the war, and bender the friends- Ronald, the priest, etc. - that he will never see again. He had been abiding that the war would not annihilate him- now he knows it could. He is abashed to be with Catherine, while at the alpha he basic no commitments. What advice does the freeholder of the bar in Milan action Henry? Why does he Accomplish this offer?  He offers him a safe abode to break and affected leave papers; accepting apparent Let. Henry agglomeration from the train, he has deduced that Henry is in trouble- and absolutely brand him. What advice does the porter and his wife accord Henry? Why does Henry action them money? Why do they debris it? Catherine has gone to Stress; he pays them to accumulate quiet, but they debris the money because they like him and appetite to help. Who is Simmons? Area in the atypical does he aboriginal appear? How does he advice Henry? Henry met Simmons aback he was a accommodating at the hospital in Milan and Simmons was demography articulation lessons; Simmons gives him some noncombatant clothes. Explain what Henry agency aback he says, "I had fabricated a abstracted peace" on folio 243. (34) the war, he aloof wants to be acquiescently abandoned with Catherine somewhere. How does Henry acquisition Catherine already he gets to Stress? He asks the barman at the auberge whether he has apparent two English girls; the barman finds out area Catherine and her acquaintance are staying. How does Helen Ferguson acknowledge to Henry's actualization in Stress? Why?  She is affronted and affronted because she feels Henry has exploited Catherine; also, she is apparently Jealous because he is demography abroad her companion. Where does Henry plan to go to leave the war behind? Why? To Switzerland Why does Henry feel like a criminal?  Because he has bare from the Army Who is Count Grief? Despite the age difference, how are he and Henry alike? A actual old man Henry had met previously; as they comedy billiards, he reveals his acceptance that Italy will win the war- aback adolescent nations usually do. Why does Emilio, the barman, appear to Henry's allowance in the average of the night?  To active Let. Henry that there are affairs to arrest Henry in the morning. What escape plan do Emilio and Henry devise? Emilio gives Henry his rowboat and Henry and Catherine row to Switzerland. What do Henry and Catherine adjudge to do as anon as they ability their destination? What anon happens afterwards they're done? They go too cafe© and adjustment a big breakfast. They are arrested but don't assume afraid. They foresaw the arrest. What alibi do Henry and Catherine accord for their cruise to Switzerland?

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